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    27 Glitches In “The Sims” That Made It The Most Fucked-Up Game Ever

    There are some real dark moments.

    1. This baby who is sleeping underneath a dirty potty chair:

    2. This kid who seems to be suffering from a demonic possession:

    3. This Sim who probably died a painful death:

    4. This Sim that looks like something straight out of Beetlejuice:

    5. This Sim who stretched the fuck out of her face to taste that soup:

    6. This baby that got baked into a cake:

    7. This baby that got grilled:

    8. This impaling:

    9. This baby that is growing up a little too fast:

    10. This Sim who turned into a centaur while tanning:

    11. This creepy AF Sim that is something straight-out of Coraline:

    12. This once cute kid that grew into this:

    13. This Sim that decided to swallow a pipe:

    14. This Sim who is something straight-out of Westworld:

    15. This cat that looks like is was summoned from the depths of hell:

    16. This fisting that just went way, way wrong:

    17. This toddler that was forced fed in his eye:

    18. This baby that just woke up that way:

    19. This Sim who is crying his eyes out:

    20. This baby who just wants to give a giant hug:

    21. This Sim who is just melting away:

    22. This horse who is hungry for anything:

    23. This third wheel who got way more than he bargained for:

    24. This Sim who is bugging out while building a snowman:

    25. This decapitated Sim who is just chilling:

    26. This Sim who is just looking for a family:

    27. And finally, this Sim who isn't letting two broken wrists keep him from voguing for his life: