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13 Annoying Things You've Definitely Experienced If You've Flown Within The Last Five Years

A reminder on why flying sucks.

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1. When you purposefully only pack a carry-on bag (because you don't want to deal with baggage claim), but are forced to check it at the gate because there is no overhead bin space left.

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2. When you're just trying to get to your seat, but can't because the line is being held up by someone trying to squeeze their huge-ass bag into the overhead bin.


3. When you finally make it to your seat and see that someone is accidentally sitting in it (and it low-key makes you irrationally mad).

4. When there is someone on the flight who won't stop talking and you can hear them from several rows away.

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5. When someone sitting near you takes off their shoes and you can smell their stank from several seats away!

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6. When the person behind you just keeps kicking your seat.

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7. When you have to get out of your seat and are forced to climb over your fellow passengers because they won't get up for you.

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8. When you have to go to the bathroom, but see that the flight attendant is blocking the way with the cart.

9. When someone opens the window shade during a day flight and lets in a stream of blinding light that seems to hit only your face.

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10. When you're hungry on the flight and there is nothing to eat other than overpriced sandwiches.

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11. When someone sitting near you brings outside food and it just smells gross.


12. When you fall asleep and think it's been at least a few hours, but realize it's only been like 20 minutes and you're still hours away from your destination.

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13. And finally, when you land and EVERYONE just stands and you're basically trapped, crouched between the seat and the overhead bin.

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