Teen Vogue Covers That Immortalized 2004 In Pop Culture

Back when our biggest concern was who was on our Myspace Top 8.

1. Dec. 2003/ Jan. 2004: Katie Holmes proved she was no longer “the girl next door,” by showing us her bra.

2. Feb. 2004: Beyonce continued her conquest to rule the world by becoming the new “princess of pop.” Did anyone tell Britney that?

3. March 2004: Julia Stiles talked about The Prince and Me while the rest of us tossed out our low-rider jeans.

4. April 2004: Dirty Dancing tried to be a thing again. Plus we embraced our wavy hair again!

5. May 2004: Mandy Moore took on a daring and edgy new role. Wait was she talking about her role as “Anna Foster” in Chasing Liberty?

6. June/ July 2004: Mischa Barton shared her style secrets – I am assuming one of those secrets was to wear every piece of jewelry that she owned at once.

7. Aug. 2004: Remember when used to love the girl from the Princess Diaries?

8. Sept. 2004: The fall fashion issue had our favorite stars from The O.C. and Gilmore Girls on the cover. And for some reason Adam Brody was wearing more make-up than Alexis Bledel.

9. Oct. 2004: Kirsten Dunst was still part of “young Hollywood.” Also did anyone find The Gotti Boys attractive?!

10. Nov. 2004: Avril Lavigne put on a pained smile while taking a piggyback ride on Usher.

11. Dec. 2004/Jan. 2005: Hilary Duff was apparently cheap, but chic!

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