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49 Things That'll Make Anyone Between The Ages Of 32–39 Relive Their Early Childhood

Truly a great time to be a kid!

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1. Thinking that you could totally beat this show if you were on it:


2. Watching this show every time you stayed home sick:


3. The feeling of excitement you got whenever you saw this logo pop up on the video you were watching:

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4. Eating your Mickey D's from Styrofoam containers:

5. Knowing these were the greatest Happy Meal toys McDonald's had ever made:

6. Being disappointed that your Power Pad never worked like in the commercials:

7. Wanting one of these badly (even though you knew it'd be hard to use):

8. Imagining your life being like the rich teens on this show:

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9. And wondering what it would be like to have a dinosaur as a pet:

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10. Stuffing your face with these delicious cheesy ~delicacies~:

11. Trying to shove as much shredded gum in your mouth as you could:

12. Thinking you looked like hot shit whenever you wore your spandex neon bike shorts:

13. Believing the urban legend that hoverboards were real and that parents were keeping them out of the market:


14. Being both terrified and fascinated by this movie:


15. Accidentally getting (painfully) hit in the face by one of these:

16. Making this magical place one of your first stops anytime you went to the mall:

17. Watching these four ladies over and over, and having the jokes go way over your head:

Disney / NBC

18. Trying to see if you could stop time like Evie:


19. Feeling like you were Indiana Jones every time you played this game:

20. Worrying you might fall into a hidden well:

21. Getting excited about math 'cause of this show:


22. And wanting to learn more about science 'cause of this show:


23. Convincing yourself that these tasted like pizza:

24. Feeling ~fancy~ whenever you ate this ice cream:

25. Low-key wanting to eat this candy-ish tasting toothpaste:

26. Being really obsessed with all things Batman:

Warner Bros.

27. Doing "The Locomotion," and walking like an "Egyptian" and a "Dinosaur":

Sony Music

28. Listening to this album over and over:

Sony Music

29. Being super frustrated when you'd die just before you got to the end of The Oregon Trail:

30. Being creeped the fuck out by the evil-looking puppets in the "Land of Confusion" music video:

31. And being really creeped the fuck out by the drawings in Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark:

Harper & Row

32. Dancing along to Paula Abdul...


33. ...and to Janet Jackson's:

Sony Music

34. Having a huge fear of getting lost after watching this movie:


35. Being an emotional wreck after watching this scene:


36. Thinking these were the coolest backpacks ever made:

37. Being a little bit scared of Mac Tonight:

38. Wanting to be BFFs with Debbie Gibson:

Warner Music Group

39. Trying hard to talk as fast as the Micro-Machine guy:

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40. Having this movie blow your mind:


41. Thinking this was the most romantic movie ever:

Orion Pictures

42. Playing with this instead of helping clean with it:

43. Screaming along to the part when the kid said, "I learned it by watching you!"

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44. Thinking that getting one of these T-shirts was the ultimate souvenir:

45. Being mesmerized by these:

46. Imitating Balki's accent:


47. Being into Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle EVERYTHING:

CBS Television Distribution

48. Feeling super excited whenever you found one of these in your lunchbox:

Courtesy of General Mills

49. And finally, getting super pumped whenever you heard this song:

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