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    Did Scar Eat Mufasa In "The Lion King"? According To This TikTok, Yes

    Be prepared, indeed!

    I think we can all agree that The Lion King is one of the greatest Disney movies of all time. Especially for those of us who grew up on it — watching it over and over on VHS.

    And while the classic '90s movie is full of lighthearted and delightful moments... also has a few dark moments — I mean, Scar murdering Mufasa is definitely one of the most sinister moments ever in a Disney movie.

    Well, TikToker ClassyKing0 has gone viral by pointing out that the film might have been even darker than we ever realized, 'cause he has a pretty convincing theory that Scar ate Mufasa's body!!!

    Okay, so this is probably you right now:

    Now, let's get into ClassyKing0's theory: So, it starts right at the point where Scar kills Mufasa.

    Mufasa yells as he plummets to the ground

    Now, after Mufasa dies, we see his body for the last time in that gut-wrenching scene where Simba realizes he is dead.

    Simba shattered and in tears as he looks away from his father's dead body

    And if you're anything like me, your mind probably imagined that at some point, Mufasa's body was carried in a somber "Circle of Life"–style procession to be buried near Pride Rock. But, ClassyKing0 didn't think that at all, and he was left wondering what exactly happened to his body.

    Scar pretending to comfort Simba as they stand next to Mufasa's body

    So naturally, his first inclination was to assume that the hyenas probably ate Mufasa's body. Well, except that a quick Google search revealed that hyenas are hunters and wouldn't eat a lion carcass.

    And another search revealed that lions have no natural predators...oh, except he did discover something interesting: that lions eat other lions!

    An internet source explaining that carnivores do kill and eat other carnivores

    Now, you're probably thinking, Okay, so what? That's in nature and not in the movie!

    Well, ClassyKing0 points to the scene in the movie where Scar is seen playing with a skull — fittingly paying homage to Hamlet — as proof that he did eat him.

    While watching the scene, he couldn't help but notice that the skull looked like it could be Mufasa's.

    A closeup of the skull

    And after looking up lion skulls, ClassyKing0 realized that is exactly what Scar is holding.

    Google image results of what a lion skull looks like

    Soooooooo....yeah, it looks like Scar might have eaten Mufasa and saved his skull as a souvenir.

    A comparison of Mufasa, the skull Scar plays with, and a real lion skull

    You can watch ClassyKing0's TikTok below:

    And now I'll never watch The Lion King the same way again!