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    May 5, 2020

    Rose Byrne Was Misquoted Again And People Just Want To Know Why Variety Keeps Doing This To Her

    "What do you have against this queen?"

    Last week, Rose Bryne did an interview with the Variety and iHeart podcast The Big Ticket. In the interview, she talked about everything from how her quaratine is going, to projects she has coming up, to, of course, the fantastic new miniseries she is starring in, Mrs. America.

    Sabrina Lantos / ©FX / courtesy Everett Collection

    Parts of the interview were then transcribed and put up on Variety's website. And to promote it, they sent out a tweet that took something Rose said out of context and made it sound like she was praising Phyllis Schlafly:


    Phyllis Schlafly (who is played by Cate Blanchett in the series) was a conservative activist who was anti-feminist and led a movement to stop the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment.

    And as soon as people saw that her words had been twisted, they quickly came to her defense:

    I don't really have any feelings about Rose Byrne one way or the other but that's just a shitty way to make someone an internet enemy for the day, @Variety

    Variety then deleted it and apologized, admitting it sounded a bit misleading:

    For transparency: We deleted a tweet about this Rose Byrne podcast as the text and copy didn't accurately convey her tone in the conversation. Apologies and thank you for understanding

    Well, it seems like they might have done a similar thing again, this time with this tweet making it sound like she is praising Kellyanne Conway:

    Which, again, was not exactly what she said (and tone is key here). In the same interview where she talked about Phyllis, Rose was asked about playing a Kellyanne-esque character in a new political comedy, and she gave a very sarcastic answer (when talking about what she was doing to prep for the film):

    "Watching endless videos of Kellyanne Conway [laughs] trying to capture that sort of alternative-fact spirit that she has."

    Tell me about Kellyanne Conway. And tell me about playing a Kellyanne Conway type.

    "[Laughs] She’s truly incredible. You do have to take your hat off to how she can answer any question without not answering anything at all. It’s quite extraordinary. So we tried to capture that spirit a little bit. [Laughs]"

    Of course people were, again, NOT here for Rose having her words taken out of context and are like "WTF Variety?":

    who is variety's social media manager and why do they dislike rose byrne?

    Rose Byrne did not give us 5 incredible seasons of Damages, Bridesmaids, and what should have been an Oscar winning performance in SPY for Variety TO DO HER DIRTY WITH THESE ARTICLES.

    Who at Variety hates Rose Byrne? Or what headline writer desperately wants to ensure actors don’t give interviews that are ever interesting, nuanced or change tones?

    Variety at the “positive headlines for Rose Byrne” store

    @Variety what do have against this queen

    Someone call Ryan Murphy bc I need a new season of Feud to tell the story behind Variety vs. Rose Byrne

    So, no, Rose isn't a Kellyanne fan that has a wallpaper of her on her phone's home screen. She continues to be a fantastic actor we can stan.

    20th Century Fox

    BTW, you can listen to the entire interview here:

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