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    A Redditor Revealed He Left His Wife Over His Funko Pops Collection And People On Twitter Had Thoughts

    "$500 a month?! How many Funko Pops is that? Where do you put all the Funkos?!"

    I think it's safe to say that all of us have probably bought a Funko Pop or two (or ten) in the past few years.


    And there are several big reasons why they have exploded in popularity over the last several years: They're cute, inexpensive, and come in a million different variations.


    Earlier today, the Twitter account @AITA_reddit tweeted out this story from Reddit's r/AmItheAsshole page about a man who left his wife because she asked him to stop collecting Funko Pops:

    AITA for choosing Funko Pops over my wife?

    To summarize the post, the redditor has been collecting Funko Pops since before he and his wife met, and he considers it his passion. But recently, he's spent about $500 a month on Pops:

    The redditor spending that much money on them (every month) caused a huge fight between him and his wife. His wife then said he needed to choose between her or the Pops! And he has decided to choose his Funko Pops collection:

    He ended it by saying, "Again I'm very passionate about them and I think it's ridiculous for someone to try and take them away from me..."


    The story got Funko Pops trending on Twitter because, of course, people had lots to say about it.


    Some people were just taken aback that he would choose the Funko Pops over his wife:

    @AITA_reddit NAH if you feel like your collection is more important than your wife then that's your business. At the same time I would also have an issue with my SO spending $500/mth on a collection. She tried to comprise & you made your decision clear. Hopefully it makes you happy.

    @AITA_reddit Without having read this: FUNKO POPS?!?! That’s your interest??!?! That you choose over a wife who loves you?!!!?

    @AITA_reddit Getting strong "this picture" energy except it's just the guy.

    Others had serious questions about where he is storing all these Pops:

    @AITA_reddit $500 A MONTH???? Where are you storing them???? Where do they all go???

    @AITA_reddit You’re buying like 50 of them a month, you seriously couldn’t compromise at all?? Where are you keeping them? I have like 50 of these things & can barely store them. Yes, YTA, for being unable to compromise to the point you’re choosing plastic over your wife.

    @AITA_reddit $500 a month?! How many Funko pops is that? Where do you put all the Funko pops?? Are you saving any money for the future??? I have so many questions

    While some people were surprised to learn why Funko Pops was even trending on Twitter:

    funko pops are trending because of an IATA post ???!? of a grown ass man who fucking chose them over h— mY GOD

    Me after I see why Funko Pops are trending and it’s just some bum choosing on spending thousands of dollars on funkos over his marriage 💀

    And finally, this person downloaded the Reddit app just to reply to the man:

    Me redownloading reddit to yell at this man for buying funko pops instead of respecting his wife’s wishes

    Listen, I really, really like Funko Pops, but choosing them over your wife, like????!!!! To each their own, I guess.