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    Rare Behind-The-Scenes Photos Of The Live-Action Inspiration For Disney's "Sleeping Beauty"

    These compelling color photos offer a glimpse into the making of this classic Disney film.

    Actress and dancer Jane Fowler performs some of the live-action sequences for Maleficent.

    Along with Maleficent, Fowler was also a live-action reference for the Queen (aka Princess Aurora's mother).

    While Fowler provided some of the live-action references, all of Maleficent's mannerisms and expressions are based on actress Eleanor Audley, who not only also provided some of the live-action modeling as well, but also voiced the character.

    Both actresses contributed into creating, arguably, the greatest Disney villain ever.

    Actor Ed Kemmer as Prince Phillip, modeling for the final battle sequence.

    Prince Phillip, unlike his two other prince predecessors from Snow White and Cinderella, was a much more prominent character.

    Kemmer kissing actress Helene Stanley — who provided all the live-action modeling for Princess Aurora — on the cheek as they model for the iconic "True Love's Kiss" scene.

    No cheek kissing in the final product!