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Ranking The 13 Most Important Celeb Ponytails Of The '90s

It was the golden era of scrunchies.

13. The Sporty Spice simple pullback:

John Stanton / WireImage

While all the other Spice Girls got more elaborate coiffed dos, Sporty proved that less is sometimes more. Her tightly pulled back hair showed that she meant business.

12. The Kapowski sloppy tail:

NBC / Via

OK, so this is barely a ponytail, but her tousled hair, held loosely together by giant claw clip, is total early '90s sexiness -- and giving Zack a peak at what her bedroom hair looks like.

11. Lauryn Hill's rebel girl ponytail in Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit

Touchstone Pictures

Lauryn's ponytail proved that her character was not only a badass, but also chic.

10. Alyssa Milano's fountain ponytail:


Alyssa puts a twist on the old Southern saying, in this case, the bigger the ponytail, the closer to God.

Also, she might be wearing more than one scrunchie

9. Madonna's Blond Ambition-era ponytail:

Frank Micelotta/ Hulton Archive / Getty Images

What do you accessorize your cone-bra bustier with? Well, if you're Madonna, a giant ponytail held together by a braid.

8. Clarissa's funky side ponytail:


A funky sense of style needs an equally funky hair-do, and her side ponytail fits the bill perfectly. Also, she holds it together with a coordinating, but fun, scrunchie.

7. Rayanne Graff's twist tail:

Mark Seliger / Disney ABC Television Group / Getty Images

Oh Rayanne, everyone's favorite rebellious alcoholic teenager, whose ponytail was probably more of necessity -- from not showering.

But, she does get points for accessorizing her hair to draw maximum attention to her ponytail.

6. Janet Jackson's Poetic Justice-era braids tail:

Columbia/ Courtesy Everett Collection

Nobody rocked braids in the '90s better than Janet, and this ponytail, held together by a hair wrap, is the perfect way to show-off her hair.

5. The Stephanie Tanner side ponytail:

Lorimar Television

The queen of the '90s side ponytail. Her look is perfectly complemented with teased side-swept bangs (sprayed with pink can Aquanet, I'm sure) and brightly colored scrunchie.

4. The Lisa Turtle party tail:


Lisa's ponytail is a play on a mullet: teased-up party in the front, sleeked down business in the middle, and a crazy party in the back.

3. Topanga's Maltese ponytail:


OK, so maybe she wasn't trying to emulate a dog with her hair, but it all works. Also, the flat-ironed hair is the perfect late '90s touch.

2. Totally Hair Barbie's totally big ponytail:


In the early '90s Barbie pushed the limits on big hair. Of course with such a big ponytail you need to accessorize with something equally as big -- and she certainly did, with her teased out bangs and whatever that thing that's on her hair.

1. D.J. Tanner's frosted side ponytail:


What makes this the most epic ponytail of the '90s? Well, we have a lot of early '90s trends going on at once. First off, there's the side ponytail, secondly, it's held together by a scrunchie (polka dot, no less), third, she has teased out bangs, and fourth, and most importantly, she has frosted hair. FROSTED HAIR.

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