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21 Questions From Your Childhood That Just Have No Answers

Those questions that keep you up at night two decades later.

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1. Why did Zack Morris own a cellphone in the early '90s? Literally nobody owned one and his cell plan was probably $$$$!


2. Why couldn't Dil talk like the other babies on Rugrats? Or did he have to reach a certain age to talk to them?


3. What exactly is the liquid that is inside these things — and if it leaked, would it, like, leave a huge stain?

4. Why were Pete and Pete both named Pete? Didn't their parents think that would be confusing?!


5. Why was Urkel even going to high school?! He was clearly a super genius that could be working for NASA.


6. What happened to Kuzco's parents?! Did they die and he inherited the throne?


7. Did Beanie Babies ever really sell for their inflated '90s-worth?

8. How old was Mrs. Potts supposed to be? And how old was she when she had Chip?!


9. Also, what happened to Mrs. Potts' other two dozen kids at the end?!


10. What was wrong with red ketchup? And did any kid actually want purple ketchup?!

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11. Was rewinding a VHS tape actually really bad for your VCR? Or was that just a myth to sell external VHS rewinders?

12. Were the Muppet Babies orphans?! None of them had parents.


13. Did anyone actually buy one of these? And there is no way they took the place of a real dog.

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14. Did Annie and Hallie's parents ever plan to tell them the truth at some point? It was already a cruel idea to separate them from the start.


15. Why could no kid ever put together the Shrine of the Silver Monkey?!

16. Was there an actual final level on Snake?

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17. Did they actually count the votes on TRL? It was thousands of kids calling and emailing in a 24-hour span.

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18. How did they know what type of DNA they were pulling out of the mosquitoes (it could have been any prehistoric creature) in Jurassic Park?

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19. On Supermarket Sweep, why didn't the contestants just head for the cheese section and baby stuff first? I mean, they always seemed to have the priciest items.

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20. How did CatDog poop? And if one ate, was the other one full?

21. And finally, did they think kids would like licorice scented markers?!

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