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    28 Pictures That Will Give You Intense Preschool Flashbacks

    Gone, but not forgotten.

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    1. The ultimate in flashlight technology:

    2. The first karaoke machine you ever used:


    3. And the first car you ever drove:

    4. These secret little worlds whose pieces, sadly, always got sucked into the vacuum:

    5. A vacation in a slide:

    6. The original iPad:

    7. The ~magical~ vanishing milk bottle:

    8. This truly epic castle:

    9. Your very own pirate ship:


    10. These stylin’ roller skates that barely moved:

    11. The ol' fishin' hole:

    12. This ankle destroyer:

    13. The game that drove your parents crazy:

    14. This game which had no point:

    15. Snoopy's sno-cones:

    16. Bricks. SO MANY BRICKS:

    17. All you need to become a licensed doctor:


    18. Your road map to anywhere:

    19. Toys that tricked you into enjoying mowing:

    And vacuuming:

    And, you know, the one that gave you proper retail experience:


    20. All the sounds on the farm:

    21. These sick velcro kicks:

    22. The Sega Pico:

    23. Those amazing Power Ranger shapeshifters:

    24. "Put your balls in my mouth!"

    25. Your dream home:

    26. Unidentifiable green gooze:

    27. Egg people:


    28. And, of course, Barney:


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