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    Mar 27, 2020

    22 Good Feelings All Millennials Got In The '90s

    Sweet '90s mems help make things a little better!

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    1. That feeling of joy you would get when you'd find Waldo pretty quickly when looking for him:

    2. The sense of silliness you would feel while eating Fruit String Thing snacks like a baby bird and pretending they were worms...

    Courtesy of General Mills

    3. ...or making witch fingers with Bugles before you ate them:

    4. Having a great sense of relief and satisfaction whenever you got the Happy Meal toy you wanted:

    5. Looking forward and being excited to wake up early on Saturday mornings, 'cause that was when the best cartoons were on:

    ABC/ Disney

    6. The sense of urgency you would feel to be the FIRST to read the Sunday comics:

    Getty Images

    7. That feeling of love you would get whenever your grandma would cut out a comic strip she liked and mail it to you:

    8. Getting excited whenever it was Scholastic Book Fair day at school, 'cause it felt like Christmas came early:

    9. Just feeling super happy whenever you'd find this nectar of the gods in your lunchbox...

    Courtesy of General Mills

    10. ...or this ULTIMATE treat:

    Courtesy of General Mills

    11. Feeling excited whenever this screen showed up while you were watching a movie:


    12. Getting a thrill whenever you opened a brand-new pack of Pokémon cards:

    13. Feeling like you'd accomplished the impossible whenever you got a ring on the hook on one of these:

    14. Enjoying one of these on a hot summer day (or winter — it didn't matter, tbh):

    15. That sudden rush of excitement and joy you would get whenever you'd walk through the aisles of a Toys 'R' Us store:

    Tim Boyle / Getty Images

    16. The combination of anticipation and a little bit of fear that you'd feel anytime you started reading a brand-new Goosebumps book:


    17. Feeling like you were swept away into an ethereal world whenever the Pure Moods commercial would play:

    18. That overwhelming sense of endless inspiration you'd get by just opening one of these art kits:

    19. The overwhelming sense of second-guessing you felt when it came to deciding which of these fonts you would use:

    20. That little bit of glee you would get when you'd say, "Write to me, Stick Stickly. PO Box 963, New York City, New York State 10108" along with Stick Stickly:

    21. The little pleasure you'd get from sniffing the plasticky scent of the VHS clamshell boxes:

    22. And finally, having a feeling that this was the most magical place in the world and having a deep desire to visit it:

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