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    If You Recognize Or Did Any Of These '90s Things, I'm Sorry, You're Officially Old

    You might sprout gray hair just looking at these pictures.

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    1. If you ever felt oh-so-special whenever you ate off plates that looked like these:

    Hercules plates from McDonald's

    2. And if you ever drank from glasses that looked like these:

    Cups with geese on them

    3. If you ever had to listen to this soundtrack while on a road trip with your family:

    The Forrest Gump soundtrack
    Paramount/ Epic Soundtrax

    4. If you knew his address better than your own:

    Photo of Stick Stickly at his desk

    5. If you ever got knocked on the head by one of these while playing with it:

    Photo of a blue Sky Dancer
    Mario Ruiz / The LIFE Images Collection / Getty

    6. If you ever fought over which one of these guys you would be while playing with your friends:

    Saban Ent

    7. If you ever looked forward to just walking up and down the aisles of one of these:

    A photo of the outside of a Blockbuster Video store at night
    David Friedman / Getty Images

    8. If you ever walked down this aisle at Toys 'R' Us just for the smell:

    Photo of the bike aisle at Toys R Us in the early 90s
    Langevin Jacques / Sygma via Getty Images

    9. And if this was the first store you ran to whenever you went to the mall:

    Yup, you guessed it! The elevator & correlating retail store was Warner Bros. Looney Toons! #flashback

    10. If you ever had one of these pixelated little blobs control your life:

    Photo of a hot pink Tamagotchi on a table
    Tomasz Sienicki / Creative Commons/

    11. If you ever read these literary classics over and over:

    Two books on a table: The Stinky Cheese Man and The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs!

    12. If you ever ate one of these like a baby bird:

    box cover of cherry flavored Fruit String Thing
    Courtesy of Genreal Mills

    13. If you ever watched this music video and sang the lyrics as "Kiss from a rose on a grave":


    14. If this was ever the first "map" you ever owned:

    Kids city and road rug

    15. If you ever opened a brand-new pack of these and knew that half the joy of them was the smell:

    Three packs of Pokemon cards

    16. If you ever enjoyed one of these on a hot summer day:

    Three Minute Maid Juice Bars on a table

    17. If you ever woke up to the blasting alarm sound that came out of one of these:

    A white Sony Dream Machine alarm clock

    18. If you ever put up with the screeching noise these made just to get online:

    A black 56k modem machine

    19. If you ever lost your shit while attending a birthday party here:

    Kids in the ball pit at Discovery Zone
    Michael L. Abramson / The LIFE Images Collection / Getty

    20. If you ever got a splinter (or several splinters) while playing in one of these:

    A wooden playground at a park

    21. If you ever thought you might have a long-lost identical twin after watching this TV show:

    Sister, Sister cast photo
    ABC/Courtesy Everett Collection

    22. If you ever gave yourself a headache while looking through this:

    Cover for Magic Eye book

    23. If you were ever woken up in the middle of the night by one these:

    A photo of Furby
    Ted Thai / The LIFE Picture Collection via

    24. If this person was your number-one news source:

    Photo of Linda Ellerbee from Nick News
    Francesco Da Vinci / Getty Images

    25. If you ever had this commercial make you want to learn about animals:

    A screenshot of Zoobooks commercial

    26. And if you ever had this commercial make you want to learn another language:

    Screenshot of the Muzzy commerical

    27. If you ever got creeped out by reading this series:

    Different R.L. Stine Goosebumps covers

    28. If you ever had to put in a second VHS tape in order to finish watching a movie:

    Titanic two VHS tapes

    29. If you ever opened your lunch box and were excited to see one of these inside:

    SqueezIt pack
    Courtesy of General Mills

    30. And if you ever enjoyed one of these as an afternoon snack:

    Box cover for Dunkaroos
    Courtesy of General Mills

    31. If you ever used this to create many masterpieces:

    Screenshot of Kid Pix homescreen

    32. If you ever knew this was the go-to "turn up" CD:

    Jock Jams CD of a table

    33. And if you ever knew this was the go-to family BBQ CD:

    Cover for Pure Disco album

    34. If you ever looked up a movie time in the newspaper:

    Kid on couch looking at newspaper
    Fabio Principe / Getty Images/EyeEm

    35. If you ever got stressed because you were playing this level:

    Screen shot of Rainbow Road from Mario Kart

    36. If you broke out into a cold sweat because of this scene:

    TriStar Pictures

    37. If you were ever traumatized by this scene:

    Screenshot of Simba trying to wake a dead Mufasa in The Lion King

    38. If you ever had to deal with how gross these got after playing with one for a few weeks:

    Screenshot of GAK from the commercial
    Retro Junk/

    39. If you ever enjoyed the the plasticky smell of these cases:

    Stacked Disney VHS clam cases

    40. If you ever feared turning into a human fruit head:

    The fruit head kids from the Gushers commercial

    41. If you ever thought this was the coolest restaurant you could eat at:

    A sign for the Rainforest Cafe
    Robert Alexander / Getty Images

    42. If you ever thought one of these T-shirts was the coolest souvenir you could bring back from a family vacation:

    A black T-shirt Hard Rock Cafe Orlando

    43. If you ever learned more about countries around the world from this song than you did from school:

    Screenshot of Yakko's World video
    Warner Bros. Television

    44. And if you learned lots of useless trivia because of this TV show:

    Screenshot of Pop Up Video

    45. If this alarm clock represented an entire design aesthetic you wanted:

    The Nickelodeon alarm clock

    46. And if you ever dreamed about owning this bedroom:

    Arnold from Hey Arnold! bedroom

    47. If you ever sang along to this commercial any time it played:

    Screenshot of the Pure Moods commercial

    48. If you ever wanted this neighbor/teacher/life coach in your life:

    Photo of Mr. Feeny from Boy Meets World
    Touchstone Television / ©Touchstone Television/Courtesy Everett Collection

    49. If you ever irrationally hated this person for your entire childhood:

    Photo of Meredith Blake from The Parent Trap
    Walt Disney Co. / ©Walt Disney Co./Courtesy Everett Collection

    50. And finally, if you ever thought you were going to retire based on your investment in these:

    Photo of Beanie Babies on a shelf
    JOYCE NALTCHAYAN/AFP via Getty Images

    Congratulations! You are officially old — or "vintage," if you prefer (but you probably already knew it).

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