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17 Alt Rock Songs From 2003 You Forgot You Loved

From emo to pop-punk, these were your anthems 13 years ago.

1. "Diamonds & Guns" by the Transplants


The One Thing You Associate With This Song: That it is was later used in a Garnier Fructis commercial.

2. "Bandages" by Hot Hot Heat

Sub Pop

Fact This Song Reminds You Of: How awesome and popular neo-new wave bands were in the early 2000s.

3. "She Hates Me" by Puddle of Mudd


Lyrics That Perfectly Captured Your ANGSTY Broken Teenage Heart: "And she tore my feelings like I had none/ And ripped them away"

4. "Honestly" by Zwan


Band You Probably Thought Sang This Song: The Smashing Pumpkins, 'cause duh, Billy Corgan.

5. "Take It Off" by The Donnas


Place You Most Likely Heard This Song For The First Time: On MTV's Spanking New Music Week and then immediately downloading it from LimeWire.

6. "United States of Whatever" by Liam Lynch

Global Warming

How You Probably Got Into This Song: From your friend who was into indie music and put it on a mix CD.

7. "I Believe In A Thing Called Love" by The Darkness


Where You Most Likely Heard This Song On Repeatedly: On VH1 Top 20 Video Countdown โ€” where you always thought it was some throwback '70s classic rock video.

8. "So Far Away" by Staind


Where You Listened to It: In the car ('cause it constantly played on EVERY rock station) while driving home late at night.

9. "Girl's Not Grey" by AFI


What This Song Reminds You Of: Guys who wore eyeliner, leather cuffs, black nail polish, and said they were straight edge.

10. "Drain the Blood" by The Distillers


Best Thing About This Song at the Time: That it was legit punk (NOT pop-punk).

11. "Headstrong" by Trapt


What This Song Reminds You Of: How popular angry straight white male rock was in the early 2000s.

12. "Swing, Swing" by The All-American Rejects

SKG Music L.L.C.

Where You Heard This Song the Most: While shopping at American Eagle.

13. "Minerva" by Deftones


What You Associated This Song With The Most: That one friend who smoked lots of pot while listening to the Deftones over-and-over.

14. "Blueside" by Rooney


Memories This Song Probably Brings Back: Watching The O.C., being into slip-on checkerboard Vans, and shopping for T-shirts in a dimly lit Hollister.

15. "PDA" by Interpol

Matador Records

Things You Remember Most About This Song: Having that ONE music snob friend tell you they were totally into Interpol before everyone else was, and how everyone said they were just ripping-off Joy Division.

16. "Hands Down" by Dashboard Confessional

Vagrant Records

Where You Listened to It: Listening to it on repeat on your iPod in your bedroom while crying.

17. "Stacy's Mom" by Fountains of Wayne


Where You Heard This Song The Most: Aside from every radio station, the video was also played on heavy rotation on MTV and VH1. Basically, there was no escaping this earworm.

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