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20 Hilarious Spirit Halloween Store Tweets, Because It's Spooky Season

Just a reminder that Spirit Halloween is always there to fill the empty store fronts in our hearts.

We're now more than halfway through October, which means that Halloween is only days away!!!


Now, if Halloween had an official mascot it would be none other than a Spirit Halloween store (presumably taking over the storefront of a dead retail shop).

So, to celebrate Halloween's arrival, I rounded up 20 more tweets that perfectly sum up our favorite spooky season store:

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My favorite part of visiting a Spirit Halloween is trying to guess which defunct retail space I’m in

Twitter: @_pkill


Spirit Halloween visits just hit different in an old Toys R Us.

Twitter: @ezekieldeal


in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit Halloween store

Twitter: @OrdinaryAlso


I am once again asking spirit halloween

Twitter: @chey_dupuis


Greta Van Fleet stannie wardrobe has its own section at Spirit Halloween 🤍

Twitter: @tomspettys


As a non alternative person, why are you taking jobs at Spirit Halloween away from emos, punks, and goths?

Twitter: @suspect_percy


No more letting people live rent-free in my mind, I’m leasing the space to a Spirit Halloween

Twitter: @comradeflirty


the rise of the spirit halloween sign as a threat from laborers is this century’s martin luther list on the church door

Twitter: @lilbiscachty


Me: *screams into the abyss* Spirit Halloween: *screams back*

Twitter: @deloisivete


Abandoned at birth. Raised by a Spirit Halloween.

Twitter: @rn_murse


Sometimes I feel like the Spirit Halloween with a small sign

Twitter: @hard_jewelry


I just found out they turned the downtown Barneys into a Spirit Halloween

Twitter: @MediumSizeMeech


Twitter: @animatedtext


Can’t wait for October so I can walk around Spirit Halloween like this

Twitter: @DonTheCreator_


Sad to think in a few weeks this Spirit Halloween store will be a different Spirit Halloween store.

Twitter: @ConanOBrien


You can’t just close a Spirit Halloween, a priest needs to perform an exorcism to cast it out of an old JCPenney

Twitter: @DrakeGatsby


i will never forget the day they almost turned instagram into a spirit halloween

Twitter: @rachelzegler


imagine being the CEO of spirit halloween. you only work a single month a year and you make 10 billion dollars. your only job is sell skeleton. life is good. and then some FUCKER from HOME DEPOT says “let’s make one taller than god.”

Twitter: @MNateShyamalan


Does Spirit Halloween know about this?

Twitter: @ronnui_ / Alamy


no one: spirit halloween animatronics when you walk in:

Twitter: @RIPmika

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