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    19 Tweets That Truly Call Out Millennials For The Things We Do

    Responding to a text with a GIF and responding to a text with words.

    Okay, so for the last few weeks there have been a lot of posts here on BuzzFeed about Gen Z'ers telling millennials that we basically do and like a bunch of uncool things.


    But, to be fair, being made fun of for being so millennial has been a thing for long time — as any millennial will tell you.

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    Below are some pretty good tweets of millennials being dragged like a piece of avocado on a slice of toast for what they love to say and do, and, honestly, I see no lies:


    i saw somewhere where gen z is saying millennials love using gifs for reactions and LMAOOO we really do tho bro

    Twitter: @natalielayne11


    millennials love to show their cats off at dinner parties like people in the 60's did with their dumb ass children

    Twitter: @garbo_marx


    Why do Millennials love saying “I was today years old-“...

    Twitter: @theonewhereSam


    Millennials love using the word hashtag in everyday conversation

    Twitter: @ambsbaby2


    I wish I loved anything as much as millennials love vaping and not shutting the fuck up while I’m trying to watch TV.

    Twitter: @wffleballhelmet


    millennials love calling it the bird app

    Twitter: @kaavyx


    Millennials love to say “I deserve a little treat” while buying basic necessities

    Twitter: @redrawnoxen


    millennials love to pretend coconut oil works for everything

    Twitter: @parkbinches


    millennials love to watch tiktoks on insta instead of downloading tiktok and think they're morally superior

    Twitter: @alexi15151


    My wife recently commented that we millennials love to end our messages and texts with "lol"... and that is pretty accurate lol.

    Twitter: @jesseRscott


    It’s weird that millennials love to talk about how poor they are all the time.

    Twitter: @Blagozi


    Twitter: @ngoziido


    Millennials like to say “no worries” when there is in fact worries

    Twitter: @laceyharding


    why do millennials love the word crap so much. like it’s their favorite

    Twitter: @lizcotton


    why do millennials love emojis unironically

    Twitter: @nwilliams030


    Why do millennials love air fryers so much

    Twitter: @scarlizzle9


    Why do millennials love funko pops so much lol

    Twitter: @_mexicanvanilla


    Why do millennials love to be like “Adulting😝”???? like yeah you’re pushing 30 I’d hope you’re adulting

    Twitter: @SJoey79


    Millennials love to both be reminding S everyone that their oldest members are pushing 40 and respond to any criticism with “excuse ME boomer but I’m baby 🥺🥺🥺”

    Twitter: @anne_theriault

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