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    19 Jokes About Millennials That Really Are Way Too Accurate (Especially If You Are One)

    Some of these may be harsh, but they aren't completely off base.

    Recently, I did a post where I rounded up some funny tweets that poked a little fun at millennials.

    If you're millennial, then you're either oblivious or very aware of these 25 things that we all tend to do"

    And, apparently, it hit a bit too close to home for some (but it was all in good fun). So, I thought it would be fun to do another roundup of some more tweets that point out the little quirks we as millennials have!

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    Here are 19 tweets that'll have you laughing whether you are a millennial or just know way too many:


    Millennials love Prime Day because it’s the online version of browsing through Marshall’s and TJ Maxx

    Twitter: @RyRapture


    millennials love to to put months into some project, losing sleep and forgetting meals over it, and then announce it like “soo i accidentally lowkey kinda did a thing..”

    Twitter: @auto__mat


    Millennials love saying stuff like "That's it, this is the best meme, everyone else just pack it up." They can't get enough of it

    Twitter: @zuza_real


    Millennials love Air Fryers because they are Easy Bake Ovens for adults.

    Twitter: @Tonacracy


    why do millennials always yell when they’re on the phone

    Twitter: @homocerebra


    Why do millennials dress like that?

    Twitter: @dasiasamurai


    Why do older millennials still instagram like it’s 2016?

    Twitter: @alisaValentinaa


    millennials love to use the phrase / caption “about last night” and it’s 4 pics that look like they were processed through the microwave

    Twitter: @oatmilkmotel


    has anyone written an academic paper about how all millennials love the number 69?

    Twitter: @leahclementine


    millennials love to send you a video on tiktok that's just A Twink Talking At You

    Twitter: @TheEIbows


    Twitter: @FreckleAndTea


    Millennials love calling shit a Social Club that is not a social club. They love that shit

    Twitter: @feraljokes


    Elder millennials love posting a slightly profound quote on Facebook with the comment "This. So much this."

    Twitter: @chels_person


    just walked past a 35 y.o. looking man in a varsity jacket and skinny jeans. millennials love to dress like Troy Bolton

    Twitter: @gabitheleaf


    millennials love talking about being an introvert/extrovert

    Twitter: @nopilledbill


    Millennials love saying “peeps” when referring to medium sized groups of ppl

    Twitter: @dannyalvv


    Millennials love to brag about what they don’t know. Okay babe you’re uninformed and don’t know how to use google? Just 🤫🤫🤫

    Twitter: @Ashtoe


    millennials love to livetweet something literally everyone is watching lmao

    Twitter: @afrosinchick


    Why do millennials make being a millennial their whole personality just wondering

    Twitter: @huuchimamaa