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24 Tweets That'll Really Speak To Every Retail Worker's Soul

"I have a return, but I don't have the tags or the receipt and I didn't bring my card and I don't want store credit." * internally screams *

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9. When you hope that your manger realizes that you're one employee, not three:

#workingretail during your 4hr shift fold the items in all 36 of these boxes,help customers, & clean the whole stor… https://t.co/5mb4WubLbO

11. When you haven't even set foot in your job and you all ready know it's going to a LONG day:

Pulling up to the mall and seeing the parking lot jam packed full 🤦🏽‍♀️#workingretail

12. When you get hit with the ultimate returns doozy:

#WorkingRetail "I have a return but I don't have the tags or the receipt and I didn't bring my card and I don't wa… https://t.co/IGMVfJcJbl

15. When you have to act like you care about the customer's complaint:

When a customer tells you to pass on a complaint to the manager #retailproblems

17. When your manager actually has your back (for once):

when an irate customer gets shut down by your manager & is asked to leave. #WorkingRetail

19. When your work week starts on Friday:

Customer: Enjoy your weekend! Me: What weekend? 🙃 #RetailProblems

20. When a customer threatens to take their business elsewhere:

"I've been a customer for 20 years!" Really? Congrats! You've officially said the thing I'll care least about all… https://t.co/yvsVg6CHio

21. When you know there is no point in trying to run the customer's credit card again:

customer: *card gets declined* Me: 🤔 customer: I think your machine is broken me: #retailproblems

23. When you hear the same joke about 30 times a day:

Scanner: *doesn't scan* Customer: oh it must be free! Hahaha Me: #workingretail

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