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24 Tweets That'll Really Speak To Every Retail Worker's Soul

"I have a return, but I don't have the tags or the receipt and I didn't bring my card and I don't want store credit." * internally screams *

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9. When you hope that your manger realizes that you're one employee, not three:

#workingretail during your 4hr shift fold the items in all 36 of these boxes,help customers, & clean the whole stor…

11. When you haven't even set foot in your job and you all ready know it's going to a LONG day:

Pulling up to the mall and seeing the parking lot jam packed full 🤦🏽‍♀️#workingretail

12. When you get hit with the ultimate returns doozy:

#WorkingRetail "I have a return but I don't have the tags or the receipt and I didn't bring my card and I don't wa…


15. When you have to act like you care about the customer's complaint:

When a customer tells you to pass on a complaint to the manager #retailproblems


17. When your manager actually has your back (for once):

when an irate customer gets shut down by your manager & is asked to leave. #WorkingRetail

19. When your work week starts on Friday:

Customer: Enjoy your weekend! Me: What weekend? 🙃 #RetailProblems

20. When a customer threatens to take their business elsewhere:

"I've been a customer for 20 years!" Really? Congrats! You've officially said the thing I'll care least about all…


21. When you know there is no point in trying to run the customer's credit card again:

customer: *card gets declined* Me: 🤔 customer: I think your machine is broken me: #retailproblems

23. When you hear the same joke about 30 times a day:

Scanner: *doesn't scan* Customer: oh it must be free! Hahaha Me: #workingretail