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11 Celebrity #TBT Photos You May Have Missed This Week

Madonna planting a kiss on Keith Haring's cheek kicks off this week's #ThrowbackThursday.

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1. Madonna shared this photo of herself hanging out with her friend the late artist Keith Haring in the '80s.

2. While Lena Dunham shared this photo herself and her friend hanging out in Rockefeller Center in the early '90s.

3. In honor of his 40th birthday, David Beckham looked back at his soccer career.

4. Hugh Jackman once rocked a purple crown for some reason.

5. Iman posted this striking photo from a 1980 Saint Laurent Paris ad campaign.

6. Cindy Crawford gave us a look back at her '90s modeling heyday.

7. Rob Lowe took us back the set of his 1987 film, Square Dance.

8. Jenny Lewis took us back to the set of the indie film, Don's Plum, where she and her co-star Leonardo DiCaprio blew smoke rings at each other.

9. Dita Von Teese remembered the time she got a chance to speak to one her idols, Bettie Page, during a 1996 radio interview.

10. Susan Sarandon shared this sweet photo of herself with her brother Terry.

11. And finally, Seth Green, who once rocked some serious Joker green hair, posted this pic with his BFF Breckin Meyer.

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