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Julianne Moore Was Once In A Time-Life Books Commercial In The Late '80s

And apparently she had an out-of-body experience.

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Do you remember Time-Life's Mysteries of the Unknown book series?

The creepy series explored unexplained supernatural phenomenons.

The books had an equally eerie series of commercials that accompanied them, which featured people explaining their paranormal experiences:

Like the woman who foresaw a schoolhouse buried in an avalanche...

Time Life

...Or this woman, who had something vague happen to her daughter.

Time Life

But most surprising of all is Julianne Moore, who talked about “her” out-of-body experience.

Time Life

Warning: Her dramatic acting will probably make you a believer in the paranormal or really want to order a Time-Life book.

Time Life

Check out Julianne in the Mysteries of the Unknown commercial:

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