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    Sorry, But Belle Is Still The Best Disney Princess Ever

    She was NOT here for fuckboys.

    First off, she fully embraced being ~different~, even though it meant being ostracized by her entire town.

    And even though she knew everyone thought she was "peculiar" it didn't stop her from befriending people.

    She spent all of her free time being a complete bookworm.

    In fact, she enjoyed to sharing her love of books with others.

    And we can't forget that she had the library of our dreams.

    She strove to be more than what everyone expected her to be – i.e. some jerk's wife.

    Because, let's be real, she had NO time for fuckboys!

    She was a devoted daughter who looked out for her dad.

    And was willing to sacrifice herself for his well being.

    She refused to put up with a man/beast telling her what to do.

    She saw the good in others when they didn't even see it in themselves.

    And finally, she knew inner beauty is something to value more than outer beauty.

    Twenty five years later, Belle is still the strange, peculiar, bookworm we all strive to be.