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    37 Childhood Things You'll Only Know If You're Over 30

    There was a time when you found playing with a Dustbuster exciting.

    1. Amassing a collection of scratch ‘n’ sniff stickers (which you never scratched for fear they'd lose their scent):

    2. These cool posters that hung in your school library and encouraged you to pick up a book:

    3. And this cool pin that encouraged you to read books — well, in order to get free Pizza Hut pizza:

    4. Mr. Owl from the Tootsie Pop commercial — who, in retrospect, was really a HUGE asshole:

    Tootsie Pop

    5. Owning a Hands Across America T-shirt, even though you didn't participate in it and probably had no idea what it was:

    6. Watching Small Wonder and being mesmerized by both how budget it looked (even for the time) and the fact that no one could tell that Vicki was a robot:

    Fox Television

    7. Being freaked the fuck out by Max Headroom — basically 'cause you thought he was going to come out through the TV and grab you.

    Warner Bros. Television Distribution

    8. Playing in one of these smelly things at your local McDonald's Playland:

    9. And getting your Mickey D's in Styrofoam containers:

    10. Walking by the Disney Store and being completely mesmerized because it looked like a neon Art Deco movie theatre:

    11. The horrible moment you discovered your parents' old '70s copy of The Joy of Sex — and repressing that moment into the deepest recesses of your memory:


    12. Looking around for dirt around the house just so you could clean it up with the Dustbuster:

    13. Making popcorn in one of these:

    14. Spooning your yummy Nestle Quik powder out of a metal tin:

    15. Drinking soda out of these plastic cups at Chuck E Cheese's and Pizza Hut:

    16. Making bath time better with Mr. Bubble:

    17. Getting a hankering for some cheese every time you saw a Time for Timer PSA:


    18. Burning the back of your legs whenever you went down a metal slide on a hot day:

    19. Watching Mr. Belvedere and singing along to its catchy AF theme song:


    20. Getting a craving for pizza while playing Pizza Party:

    21. And feeling like Indiana Jones when playing Fireball Island:

    22. Getting excited whenever the Sears Wish Book was delivered — of course you then immediately circled all the toys you wanted to get:

    23. Stuffing your face with these delicious cheezy ~delicacies~:

    24. Annoying your parents by playing one of these beep-machines in the car:

    25. The little thrill you got whenever the F.H.E. logo appeared before your favorite video:

    26. Trying to play with a Power Pad...which resulted in you having to just use your hands to pound the buttons:

    27. Having Fisher-Price Little People that looked like this:

    28. Being more than a little creeped out by the nightmare-inducing McDonald's mascot Mac Tonight:

    29. Watching your Casey sing along to your Michael Jackson, Madonna, or Bon Jovi tapes:

    30. Being more excited by the noises the machine made than the actual prize you got from a lucky egg machine:

    31. Getting a character cake for your birthday...which was made up of 90% frosting:

    32. Starting out your day with one of these ~nutritious~ breakfasts before heading out to school:

    33. Knowing NEVER to touch a stereo system that was in a glass cabinet:

    34. Learning important life lessons from Sweet Pickles:

    35. Putting on the radio just so you could watch a flower dance along to the music:

    36. Barely being able to see or move while wearing a plastic Halloween costume:

    37. And finally, the exuberant feeling you got when you saw the brown roof and colorful paneling of a Toys "R" Us: