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    18 Moments That Are Just All Too Real When You're Hungover

    Nothing is worse than that moment when you wake up dying of thirst and you realize you forgot to leave a bottle of water by your bed.

    1. When the hangover is sooo bad that even trying to think hurts:

    2. When you'd rather lie/sleep in an uncomfortable position than actually have to physically move:

    3. When you think you can actually get up and immediately realize you need to lie back down to stop the room from spinning:

    I was not ready to get out of bed! #Hungover #BackToBed


    4. When you recognize that you're in such a bad state that your only option is to stay in bed and wait out your hangover:

    5. When you hit up McDonald's and basically crave EVERYTHING on the menu:

    6. When you're super hungover but trying to play it off like you're fine:

    7. When you go out drinking with your co-worker(s) and see them the next day looking as bad as you feel:

    8. When you're at your desk trying to pretend to be productive but you're having a hard time just keeping your head up:

    9. When you've drunk so much that even your eyes are dehydrated:

    10. When you lie there deliberating for what seems like hours over whether you have the strength to get up and grab some water:

    11. When you finally start drinking water and realize there isn't enough to quench your thirst:

    12. When you wake feeling great and happy that you aren't hungover only to realize it's 'cause you're still drunk from the night before:

    13. When you crash at your BFF's place and wake up both disoriented and uncomfortable:

    14. When you agree to hang out with one of your friends after a night out and all you can think about is crawling back into bed:

    15. When you’re having a hard time identifying the residual booze flavors in your mouth:

    16. When you're so sick from the hangover that you welcome death:

    17. When you finally start replacing some of the electrolytes you lost and you can feel yourself recharging like a battery:

    18. And finally, when you're so hungover that you swear you'll never drink again, but immediately change your mind when your friends invite you out for drinks: