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40 Things That'll Take You Back To A Time When You Had No Worries

Honestly, is there a way we could all just go back?!

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1. Entire little worlds on every page:

2. The greatest Batman adaptation ever:

Warner Bros. Television


4. The original Tinder:

5. The first car you ever wanted:

6. The only map you'll ever need:

7. Candy hidden as a "healthy" treat:

8. The perfect afternoon snack:

9. The most adorable ragtag team of animals (ever):


10. A pixelated little blob (that took up too much of your time):

11. The original YouTube:

12. Literally the most frustrating books:

13. The best sports film of all time:

Warner Bros.

14. Knowing the best movies came in clamshells:

15. Eating your Happy Meal while waiting to play with this:

16. A magical way to escape into another world:

17. Oatmeal...

18. ...and chicken nuggets...IN DINOSAUR FORM:

19. Fruit...IN STRING FORM:

Courtesy of General Mills

20. Gummies...IN SHARK FORM:

Courtesy of General Mills

21. This box full of endless possibilities for creating masterpieces:

22. And this computer program for creating a masterpiece:

23. A game you played basically in under a minute:

24. The reason you wanted to learn French:

25. A design aesthetic you wanted for your entire room:

26. The most intense TV commercial ever:

27. The best way to pass the time on a long car drive:

28. An entire world in your pocket:

29. Playing with these more than actually reading them:

30. Markers you sniffed more than you actually used them:

31. These literary classics:

32. A villain you low-key rooted for:


33. The perfect screensaver:

34. The greatest movie tie-in product ever:

35. The hardest mountain you'll ever climb:


36. A Stone Age frozen treat:

37. The stickiest high-five you'll ever get:

38. Ads you actually wanted to see:

39. The loudest voice ever:

40. And finally, the best place to celebrate a birthday:

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