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21 Undeniably Human Things That'll Make You Say, "Were You Spying On Me?!"

We've all done it...don't deny it.

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1. When you realize you left your phone in the other room while you're on the john:

DC Comics/ themermaidlagoon/

2. When you realize your friend has other friends besides you:

Paramount/ Sad Michael Jordan

3. When you've got a well crafted reply text, but now it's useless because there is all new info in the conversation:

Warner Bros./ FuckitIamRobot/

4. Or when you’re spilling your guts via text to your BFF and you get this back:

Viacom/ mens humor/

5. When your alarm goes off and you just contemplate your entire life:

Disney/ fuckitiamrobot/

6. When you wait until the absolute last minute to get ready:

Cartoon Network/Nostalgia

7. When you literally only have only two passwords you use, and they both don't work:

8. When you realize you forgot to lock the bathroom door:

HBO/ drgrayfang

9. When you take a selfie that you know you'll be admiring for at least the next 24 hours:


10. When the couple next to you at Starbucks start fighting and you low-key try to figure out the what hell is going on:


11. When the fridge makes a noise, but you're convinced that someone broke into your house:


12. When you accidentally swipe right on Tinder and it's a "match":


13. When you look at every product on the shelf to make sure you buy the item with the furthest expiration date:

14. When you tell everyone about your weekend, but now you're afraid you're being judged:


15. When something slightly "bad" happens to you in public, but you're more concerned that you'll be judged or stared at:

16. When you have this panic-inducing moment:


17. When you treat yourself to some undeserved R&R:


18. When you made plans with your friends, but now need to think of a good and believable excuse to get out of it:


19. When you’re driving somewhere for the first time and immediately do this when you get close to it:

20. Whenever you go into your basement at night:


21. And finally, when your phone lights up with an "incoming call":

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