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    25 Moments Anyone Who Is A Server Has Experienced

    "Thanks for tipping 2%, party of six!"

    1. When people are so hungry that they forget how to be civil:

    Twitter: @ehm_bee Touchstone

    2. Or worse yet, when they just clearly left their manners at home:

    3. When you want to take someone's order but they're too preoccupied with ANYTHING but what they're actually there to do (EAT):

    4. When you've done nothing wrong and are all of sudden dragged:

    5. When it's Thursday night and you know that your weekend is still at least three days away:

    6. When people think any amount of money counts as a fair tip:

    7. Or that a "life tip" will keep the lights on and put food on your table:

    8. When you see a large party and KNOW deep down this is going to happen:

    9. When you have to play the "I've never heard that before" card:

    10. Or when you have to fake-laugh at a customer's terrible and unfunny joke just to be polite:

    If I had a dollar for every time I fake laughed at a customer's jokes.


    11. When all you want to do is go home, but you can tell your shift is going to be a whole lot longer than you planned:

    12. When you finish working a double and basically don't care if the place burns down 'cause you're fucking out of there:

    13. When loved ones have a hard time comprehending just what a shitty day at work really means:

    14. When you get honest and describe being a server to people:

    15. When you're only an hour into your shift and you've already spilled half the items on the menu onto yourself:

    16. When you're already feeling slammed and then realize it actually just got a whole lot worse:

    When you're slammed and you see the hostess walking towards your section with menus #serverproblems


    17. When you see a nightmare table coming and know it's going ruin your shift:

    18. The panic-inducing moment when you realize you fucked up and need to put a rush order in on a table:

    Twitter: @nwEmma /Nickelodeon

    19. When a table has just literally given you their order and are already asking for their food:

    20. When a customer gets mad at you because they have NO IDEA what they ordered:

    21. When you hand a table a check and they all tell you they want to split the bill 48 different ways:

    22. When a customer decides to be a douchebag to you for no reason:

    23. When you're just waiting for your shift to end so you can drink your worries away:

    24. When you finally get off your feet after a long day and it just feels like heaven:

    25. And finally, when you wake up stressed out in the middle of the night 'cause you realized you didn't get an order right earlier in the day:

    Twitter: @EmilioDee1 Fox

    It always haunts you.

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