How Well Do You Know “Seinfeld”?

Grab a booth at Monk’s Café and prepare to test your knowledge on the “show about nothing.”

  1. 1. Whose appearance at the gym where Elaine works out effectively eliminates her from "the contest"?
    1. Denzel Washington
    2. JFK, Jr.
    3. Pierce Brosnan
    4. Salman Rushdie
  2. 2. What is on the vanity plates that Kramer accidentally receives from the DMV?
    1. BIG BOY
    2. ASSMAN
    3. 10 INCHES
    4. DR. LOVE
  3. 3. Elaine's boyfriend/Jerry's mechanic David Puddy is an avid supporter of what professional hockey team?
    1. The New Jersey Devils
    2. The New York Rangers
    3. The New York Islanders
    4. The Pittsburgh Penguins
  4. 4. What unreturned library book from 1971, was Jerry being fined for?
    1. “The Bluest Eyes”
    2. “Madame Bovary”
    3. “Lady Chatterley’s Lover”
    4. “Tropic of Cancer”
  5. 5. Elaine Benes is originally from near which U.S. city?
    1. Detroit
    2. Baltimore
    3. Cleveland
    4. Philadelphia
  6. 6. Who gives Kramer the bag of defective condoms that leads George to discover that his "boys can swim"?
    1. Bob Sacamano
    2. Mickey
    3. Crazy Joe Davola
    4. Newman
  7. 7. What magazine is George reading when his mother, Estelle, catches him "treating his body like an amusement park"?
    1. Martha Stewart Living
    2. Redbook
    3. Glamour
    4. People
  8. 8. Elaine's boss Mr. Pitt eats what with a fork and a knife?
    1. A Twinkie
    2. A Snickers bar
    3. Nathan’s hot dog
    4. A Moon Pie
  9. 9. "Little Jerry Seinfeld" is the name given to?
    1. Kramer’s gamecock
    2. Morty and Helen Seinfeld’s dachshund
    3. Jerry’s nickname for his manhood
    4. A rat that keeps eating Elaine’s cereal
  10. 10. What restaurant opens in front of Kramer's apartment with an extremely bright neon light?
    1. Tasti D-Lite
    2. Shake Shack
    3. Kenny Rogers Roasters
    4. Krispy Kreme
  11. 11. What gift does Jerry get from his parents’ neighbor Jack Klompus?
    1. Vintage Superman postal stamps
    2. A massaging recliner
    3. A golf cart
    4. An astronaut pen
  12. 12. What book does George end up having to buy because he took it into the bathroom at a bookstore?
    1. “The Bridges of Madison County”
    2. A coffee table book of Impressionist landscapes
    3. A book of feminist poetry
    4. “The Pelican Brief”
  13. 13. What game do George and his fiancée Susan play with the Bubble Boy before things go awry?
    1. “Pictionary”
    2. Mah Jong
    3. “Sorry!”
    4. “Trivial Pursuit”
  14. 14. Jerry befriends what professional baseball player until he's asked to help him move?
    1. Danny Tartabull
    2. Roger McDowell
    3. Don Mattingly
    4. Keith Hernandez
  15. 15. What would have been Kramer's line in a Woody Allen film?
    1. “These pretzels are making me thirsty!”
    2. “What time does the bodega on the corner open?”
    3. “Not only am I sure, I’m positive!”
    4. “I was the one that knocked over the staute of Benito Juarez in Bryant Park!”
  16. 16. George is displeased that Elaine thanked Julie (instead of him) for buying what from Monks?
    1. A poppy seed muffin
    2. A big salad
    3. A $5 milkshake
    4. A Red velvet cake
  17. 17. Kramer's friend Brody gets Jerry involved in what illegal activity?
    1. Shoplifting
    2. Selling Cuban cigars
    3. Bootlegging films
    4. Selling black market baseball memorabilia
  18. 18. "Not that there's anything wrong with that," but what leads George to question his own sexuality?
    1. A massage
    2. Watching the movie “The Crying Game”
    3. Visiting the New York Yankees locker room
    4. Accidently grabbing another man’s buttock on the train
  19. 19. Elaine unwittingly eats a historical piece of cake in Mr. Peterman's office that dates from:
    1. Babe Ruth’s 40th birthday in 1934
    2. FDR’s third inauguration (1941)
    3. The Armistice (1918)
    4. King Edward VIII’s 1937 wedding
  20. 20. What gift does Elaine offer Sue Ellen Mischke?
    1. An Entenmann’s cake
    2. A diaphragm
    3. A cashmere sweater with a red dot
    4. A bra

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