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Heartwarming Photos Of Two Brothers Who Have Taken A Picture With Santa Together For 30 Years

Mike and Martin Gray, two brothers from Holliston, Mass., have one of the most adorable Christmas traditions ever, and, best of all, they're passing it on a new generation of kids.

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2011: Cuteness factor soars as Mike's son joins the tradition.


Also, Martin points out that the Broncos jerseys are a gag:

"It was more of an jokey 'snapshot in time' thing when Tebow mania was running wild. We're Patriots fans."

2013: Double AWWWW. Mike and Martin's daughters join the family tradition.


Mike says that now that they have both kids, the Santa photo tradition will continue:

"I have two kids and Martin has one. And I guess we are going to continue with it... When they start to despise us for it. That is the teachable moment and we'll continue with it."

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