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Heartwarming Photos Of Two Brothers Who Have Taken A Picture With Santa Together For 30 Years

Mike and Martin Gray, two brothers from Holliston, Mass., have one of the most adorable Christmas traditions ever, and, best of all, they're passing it on a new generation of kids.

1980: Mike, at 1, begins the annual tradition with his first photo with Santa.

1981: Mike and Santa strike a pose.

1982: Mike takes a photo with what appears to be the same Santa (?) and the same chair.

1983: Same chair, different Santa.

1984: Mike is joined by baby brother Martin — for the first time — and their annual joint tradition begins.

1985: Martin has a terrifying encounter with Santa... but Mike seems to be having a good time.

1986: Martin still looks a bit terrified of Santa.

1987: Mike is totally over sitting on Santa's lap.

1988: Martin is finally excited to take a photo with Santa.

1989: Martin, like his older brother, is over sitting on Santa's lap.

1990: Martin not amused to be back on Santa's lap.

1991: This looks awkward.

1992: The boys coordinated their look by wearing baseball caps.

1993: The boys pose adorably, while Santa appears to be in pain.

1994: Ten years of taking photos together!

1995: Mike is more interested in flashing his Yankees cap than posing with Santa.

1996: Santa, smartly, poses between the two.

1997: Boys pose with a rather sinister-looking Santa.

1998: Santa appears to be pleading for them to not sit on his lap.


2000: New decade, new Santa, same chair.

2001: Martin brings back the striped sweaters.

2002: Mike still seems excited to see Santa.


2004: Santa is not amused to have Mike and Martin on his lap.

2005: Back on Santa's lap again.

2006: The boys pose with a rather dapper Santa.

2007: The tradition keeps going strong — even if Santa appears not to be.

2008: Martin tries something new by holding a Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer stuffed animal.

2009: Mike's year to hold Rudolph.

2010: Looking adorable in matching sweaters.

2011: Cuteness factor soars as Mike's son joins the tradition.

2012: Hawaiian shirt galore!

2013: Double AWWWW. Mike and Martin's daughters join the family tradition.