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    Let's Face It: Your Grandma Definitely Had All 45 Things On This List

    She always had that one cabinet full of stuff you couldn't touch!

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    1. These Welch's cups that had the paint starting to fade from years of use:

    2. Mushroom-themed kitchen accessories:

    3. And these glass containers that were painted with tomatoes, mushrooms, and onions — that she used to store her dried goods in the pantry:

    4. These EXACT coasters in her dining room or living room:

    5. A cabinet full of plastic bags:

    6. Promotional Kellogg's cereal bowls that she had since the early '70s:

    7. Heavy glass sherbet dishes that she'd serve jello in:

    8. A pretty trinket box she'd had for at least 30 years that sat on her dresser or in her bathroom:

    9. A collection of Garfield comic books (which was the only thing to read aside from old Reader's Digests and the newspaper):

    10. A tin of cookies that was NEVER FULL OF COOKIES:

    11. And a pincushion that looked like one of these inside the cookie tin:

    12. A cabinet full of things you could NEVER touch:


    13. Creepy owl wall decorations — that looked straight out of the forest scene in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs:

    14. That one room you could never go in with weird plastic couches:

    15. Luden's Wild Cherry Throat Drops, which she ate all the time like regular candy:

    16. These toe destroyers:

    17. This duster that you would play with 'cause it felt like fur (well, dust-covered fur):

    18. An old coffee percolator that she only ever used for parties:

    19. Some sorta porcelain animal toothpick holder:

    20. An old breakfast tray that you never saw her use:

    21. No cable cartoons, only PBS ones:

    22. Or every single judge in existence:

    23. Towels for DECORATION, not DRYING, in the bathroom:

    24. A fancy soap dish in the bathroom with the "nice" soap that was for GUESTS ONLY:

    25. A stack of old fabric she had stored for at least 20 years:

    26. An old carpet sweeper that you weren't sure even worked:

    27. A Fisher-Price Little People play set that had once belonged to your older cousins:

    28. And a Let's Go Fishin' Game that had also once belonged to your older cousins:

    29. A brass decoration in the living room that was heavy AF:

    30. These EXACT woven pads for hot cookware:

    31. A Corelle bowl that she only used for her potato salad:

    32. A random angel Christmas decoration that she always forgot to put away after the holidays:

    33. An old Crock-Pot that just sat out on her counter next to the toaster:

    34. Quilted appliance covers that felt like diapers:

    35. A giant fan that sounded like a plane was taking off whenever she turned it on:

    36. One of these stool/chair combos in her kitchen:

    37. And this step stool stored in a random bedroom or hall closet:

    38. A stack of quilts (all with stories) in the linen closet:

    Hillwoman2 / Getty Images

    39. A scale that was at least 40 years old in her bathroom:

    40. An ornate picture frame that held a photo that had been in it for at least 40 years:

    41. A large tin tray that she used for her cracker and cheese spreads:

    42. An old sewing machine that sat in the guest room:

    43. This EXACT alarm clock that also sat in the guest room (and was super bright):

    44. A bowl of ribbon candy that was probably like two years old:

    45. And finally, a container full of Sweet'N Low, Equal, and sugar packets that she had taken from restaurants over the years:

    Sharon Pruitt / Getty Images

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