Let's Face It: Your Grandma Definitely Had All 45 Things On This List

    She always had that one cabinet full of stuff you couldn't touch!

    1. These Welch's cups that had the paint starting to fade from years of use:

    2. Mushroom-themed kitchen accessories:

    3. And these glass containers that were painted with tomatoes, mushrooms, and onions — that she used to store her dried goods in the pantry:

    4. These EXACT coasters in her dining room or living room:

    5. A cabinet full of plastic bags:

    6. Promotional Kellogg's cereal bowls that she had since the early '70s:

    7. Heavy glass sherbet dishes that she'd serve jello in:

    8. A pretty trinket box she'd had for at least 30 years that sat on her dresser or in her bathroom:

    9. A collection of Garfield comic books (which was the only thing to read aside from old Reader's Digests and the newspaper):

    10. A tin of cookies that was NEVER FULL OF COOKIES:

    11. And a pincushion that looked like one of these inside the cookie tin:

    12. A cabinet full of things you could NEVER touch:


    13. Creepy owl wall decorations — that looked straight out of the forest scene in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs:

    14. That one room you could never go in with weird plastic couches:

    15. Luden's Wild Cherry Throat Drops, which she ate all the time like regular candy:

    16. These toe destroyers:

    17. This duster that you would play with 'cause it felt like fur (well, dust-covered fur):

    18. An old coffee percolator that she only ever used for parties:

    19. Some sorta porcelain animal toothpick holder:

    20. An old breakfast tray that you never saw her use:

    21. No cable cartoons, only PBS ones:

    22. Or every single judge in existence:

    23. Towels for DECORATION, not DRYING, in the bathroom:

    24. A fancy soap dish in the bathroom with the "nice" soap that was for GUESTS ONLY:

    25. A stack of old fabric she had stored for at least 20 years:

    26. An old carpet sweeper that you weren't sure even worked:

    27. A Fisher-Price Little People play set that had once belonged to your older cousins:

    28. And a Let's Go Fishin' Game that had also once belonged to your older cousins:

    29. A brass decoration in the living room that was heavy AF:

    30. These EXACT woven pads for hot cookware:

    31. A Corelle bowl that she only used for her potato salad:

    32. A random angel Christmas decoration that she always forgot to put away after the holidays:

    33. An old Crock-Pot that just sat out on her counter next to the toaster:

    34. Quilted appliance covers that felt like diapers:

    35. A giant fan that sounded like a plane was taking off whenever she turned it on:

    36. One of these stool/chair combos in her kitchen:

    37. And this step stool stored in a random bedroom or hall closet:

    38. A stack of quilts (all with stories) in the linen closet:

    39. A scale that was at least 40 years old in her bathroom:

    40. An ornate picture frame that held a photo that had been in it for at least 40 years:

    41. A large tin tray that she used for her cracker and cheese spreads:

    42. An old sewing machine that sat in the guest room:

    43. This EXACT alarm clock that also sat in the guest room (and was super bright):

    44. A bowl of ribbon candy that was probably like two years old:

    45. And finally, a container full of Sweet'N Low, Equal, and sugar packets that she had taken from restaurants over the years: