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    28 Pictures That Are 100% Grandma Culture

    We all had the same grandma.

    1. That one bird noise clock that hung in her kitchen or basement and never really worked:

    2. A bowl of this candy that was all stuck together and was covered in dust:

    Why does every grandma have this candy?

    3. A TV either playing Judge Judy or one of those cartoons you had to watch when there was no cable:

    4. A china cabinet full of dishes for a "special occasion" that no one EVER ate off of:

    Why does every grandma have this? I asked my grandma and she said "I don't looks nice." Nobody even uses it.

    5. ...and amber colored wine glasses NOBODY DRANK FROM:

    6. A cabinet dedicated to just plastic bags (that just grew bigger and bigger):

    7. Old cloth calendars from, like, decades ago:

    8. A random Slim-Fast and V8 can in her fridge (usually half drank with a piece of aluminum foil covering the top of it):

    9. This exact casserole dish that had permanent stains in it from years of use:

    10. A couch covered in plastic in a room you weren't allowed to go in:

    11. The oldest VCR in existence:

    And a radio that looked like it came out of a console of a semi-trailer:

    12. Some sorta terrifying crochet toilet roll cover (usually a doll), that sat in the guest bathroom:

    13. A toilet seat cover that came with a matching runner and rug for the bowl. So much toilet swag:

    14. Lots of large butter and Cool Whip containers that had leftovers and never Cool Whip in them:

    15. A phone that looked like you could call President Harry Truman with it:

    16. That one alarm clock that gave a big red glow in her bedroom at night:

    17. A fondue pot that she probably hadn't used since 1973:

    18. A chenille duvet that looked like it had seen better days:

    19. A plant in a woven basket that was falling apart and rotting from years of water leaking onto it:

    20. ~Fancy~ outlet covers in her dining room and living room:

    21. Pocket tissue packs... scattered EVERYWHERE around her house and car:

    22. Opium perfume on her dresser (ONLY to be used on special occasions):

    23. Old Sears and "Penney's" catalogs that she collected for no reason:

    24. A bunch of ol' rusty wind chimes that always looked like they were one hard winter away from falling apart:

    25. A photo album that was clearly bought during the Nixon administration:

    26. Old gnarly cook books that looked like they hadn't been touched in 15 years:

    27. An adding machine next to a stack of bills and her checkbook:

    28. And finally, this little move to hand you a little cash as you left:

    Why do Grandmas always try to surprise and slide you money like this lmaooooo