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    Postmates Announced That Their Pride Campaign Was A "Bottom-Friendly" Menu, And Twitter Had Some Hilarious Reactions

    "This ad gets an F- on the Bechdel test."

    Goes without saying that over the last decade corporations have really embraced Pride. And during the month of June there is no shortage of Pride-themed merchandise or brand collaborations with LGBTQ+ influencers or celebs.

    Pride merchandise at a store

    Well, earlier today Postmates announced on Twitter that they had teamed up with Dr. Evan Goldstein (a sexual wellness doctor for men) and Rob Anderson (a comedian and actor) to create a "bottom-friendly" menu — which was also accompanied by a video of fruit in jockstraps ('cause why not?).

    You shouldn't miss a good meal for a good time. That’s why this Pride, we've teamed up with @DrEvanGoldstein and @smartthrob to create the world’s first Bottom-Friendly Menu (yup, it’s real). #EatWithPride

    Twitter: @Postmates

    Now if you don't know what a bottom-friendly menu means, here is a very simple explanation: It's a planned-out food or meal that a person can eat that will allow them to be able to clean out quicker before having anal sex — usually it's something light, like veggies or foods high in fiber.

    A man eating fresh greens

    And, of course, the Postmates' Bottom-Friendly Menu was met with a huge mixed reaction. Here are some of the best and funniest Twitter reactions to it:

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    Twitter: @mattxiv


    Twitter: @heyjaeee


    babe are you ok? youve barely touched you're bottom friendly ice cubes from postmates

    Twitter: @itswolfgangruth


    i’m suing postmates if i paint after eating from this menu

    Twitter: @Grindr


    @Postmates @drevangoldstein @smartthrob Postmates marketing team:

    Twitter: @hpluvshaft


    the bottom friendly menu: -iced coffee -iced latte -cold brew

    Twitter: @broiledcrawfish


    postmates just emailed me a “bottom-friendly” menu and its all iced coffee im- contacting my lawyer now

    Twitter: @JulianBarker27


    y’all making fun of the bottom menu on postmates meanwhile 2 months ago we’re like “i’m partnering with hey mistr to get your prep delivered to your door!” like baby open your eyes… you’re the postmates driver!

    Twitter: @mikey_almeida


    Twitter: @JBfromDC89


    Bottom-friendly menu? Criterion did it first.

    Twitter: @cschleichsrun


    @Postmates @drevangoldstein @smartthrob Honestly, this is the level of Pride other corps should strive for. If you’re not literally helping us have sex, can you really call yourself an ally?

    Twitter: @g_maximus12


    Twitter: @thepeachtoast


    Pride Marketing 2012: Lets add a rainbow! Pride Marketing 2022: Are you a top or a bottom?

    Twitter: @MarkTaylor


    @Postmates @drevangoldstein @smartthrob an eggplant in leather? not on my thursday morning.

    Twitter: @TheeAnxiousGay


    Twitter: @SAMwhich_


    @Postmates @drevangoldstein @smartthrob Throwing a brick at this fucking tweet.

    Twitter: @antiquenemesis


    me hacking the bottom-friendly postmates menu so it lets me get mozzarella sticks and a large milkshake

    Twitter: @hauntedbottom


    @Postmates @drevangoldstein @smartthrob I don’t know what’s funnier. This marketing ad or finding out my only options nearby for a bottom friendly meal is tea.

    Twitter: @burialboywriter


    The postmates app when a bottom trys to order foods with insoluble fiber

    Twitter: @wwwesley24


    @Postmates @drevangoldstein @smartthrob this ad gets an F- on the Bechdel test

    Twitter: @pnwcorgay


    Twitter: @JayJacobsLadder


    Truly I must have a fever of 105° and be hallucinating

    Twitter: @theJacko


    LBT community i am so sorry, G was a mistake

    Twitter: @MilkmanNick


    I’m leaving this community

    Twitter: @kaypeaux


    Postmates is out here trying to sabotage too many of us!

    Twitter: @MaxBenesi


    i see you’re ordering from the @Postmates bottom menu

    Twitter: @connnorxcx


    Love that Postmates made a whole commercial about anal but I can't even get the ranch I ordered.

    Twitter: @WolfieVibes


    Twitter: @shipatadistance


    Can we just skip ahead to July already… please…

    Twitter: @ChrisDStedman

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