40 Toys You Haven't Seen Since The '90s But Will Immediately Remember Playing With

    This post will give you back the sweet and pure mems of playing with them.

    1. This plastic sword, which would legit hurt someone if you struck them with it:

    2. The 101 Dalmatians Happy Meal toys that you tried to collect all of (well, tried to convince your parents to keep going back to McDonald's for them):

    3. Puppy Surprise, which was always a major disappointment if you got fewer than four puppies:

    4. Crossfire, which was 99% hyped up in your mind because of the commercial for it:

    5. The Disney Store's version of Beanie Babies:

    6. And the Warner Bros. Studio Store's version of Beanie Babies:

    7. These windup bathtub toys that you would also use at the pool in the summer:

    8. The Mickey Mouse View-Master, which, honestly, was the best version of the toy:

    9. Sky Dancers, which you knew better than to stand underneath after launching:

    10. Doodle Bear, which would eventually become stained in faded marker:

    11. The Magic Ball and Mitt, which was fun for like five minutes:

    12. These monster finger puppets that you would get in birthday party gift bags:

    13. The Fisher-Price Little People, which were as big as your fist and virtually indestructible:

    14. The Pizza Hut Beauty and the Beast plastic hand puppets, which lived in your bathtub:

    15. And the random mermaid toy that also lived in your bathtub:

    16. YoYo Ball, which made you feel like a pro yo-yo player:

    17. The Polly Pocket playsets, which were actually big and didn't fit in your pocket:

    18. Thin Ice, which required you to use a wet paper towel in order to play it:

    19. Bumble Ball, which nobody knew exactly how to play:

    20. The Playskool flashlight, which was the best thing to make shadow puppets with:

    21. The Beauty and the Beast Talk 'n View Magic Mirror, which was basically your first Magic 8 Ball:

    22. The Brandy Barbie, which was so, so cool and actually looked like her:

    23. Star Wars Micro Machines, which were always way too easy to lose:

    24. Starting Lineup figures, which you were always afraid to take out of the packaging 'cause you thought they would be worth A LOT one day:

    25. The Littlest Pet Shop, which was just the cutest toy line:

    26. The random Pokémon figure, which was never as fun to play with as the cards:

    27. The Forbidden Bridge board game, which you never actually played the way you were supposed to:

    28. A teddy bear that looked like this (aka a teddy bear that looked like it was imagined by Laura Ashley and Lisa Frank):

    29. Disney's Musical Princess dolls, which sounded creepy whenever the batteries ran low:

    30. These Furby Happy Meal toys, which didn't do anything other than look creepy:

    31. The Aladdin action figures, which were as good as any other action figure line:

    32. A random Jack in the Box bendy toy that would somehow wind up in your toy box:

    33. And Gumby, which also somehow randomly showed up in your toy box one day:

    34. Kenner-Tonka Cupcakes dolls, which smelled so delicious:

    35. Troll doll pencil toppers, which you never used as actual pencil toppers:

    36. The Fisher-Price Loving Family Dream Doll House, which was one of the toys you would only play at a friend's or cousin's house:

    37. K'Nex sets, which were always much harder to put together than how they were portrayed in the commercials:

    38. The Sony cassette player, which was your first karaoke machine:

    39. A random The Lion King stuffed animal, which always sat on your bed:

    40. And finally, the Barbie Fashion Designer CD-ROM, which helped you create some seriously janky outfits for Barbie that you thought looked HOT: