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    55 Random '80s Kids Things That People Over The Age Of 36 Have Totally Forgotten About

    What even were the '80s?

    1. Reruns of Paddington — the stop-motion series they would show on PBS:

    2. Panini sticker album books and the stickers — which you had to place quickly and carefully, 'cause once it touched the paper, it was stuck for life:

    A Roger Rabbit Panini book

    3. These Chuck E. Cheese hats that you would wear at every birthday party you attended there:

    A stack of red birthday party hats with Chuck E. winking on it and holding a happy birthday cutout

    4. My Pet Monster, which was cute for a monster (well, except for its nose, which hurt like hell if you accidentally hit yourself with it):

    A cute-ish blue and purple monster with a big teal plastic nose

    5. Cabbage Patch Kids–themed cardboard puzzles, which always smelled like wet paper bags:

    A puzzle of Cabbage Patch Kids dolls blowing candles on a birthday cake

    6. And Cabbage Patch Kids beauty products, which actually smelled good:

    A bottle of Cabbage Patch Kids' cologne, talc, and a hand and body lotion

    7. Potato Head Kids, which tried to ride the Muppet Babies/Flintstone Kids' "make everything into kids" trend:

    Four different Potato Kids toys

    8. The "This is your brain on drugs" and the "I learned it from watching you!" PSAs that ran 24/7, thanks to Nancy Reagan:

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    9. The random Wizard of Oz book Disney published as part of their read-along series:

    A Disney Book on Record from the '70s, featuring a drawing of the Tin Man, Dorothy, Scarecrow, and Cowardly Lion walking down the Yellow Brick Road

    10. This Hanna-Barbera logo:

    A star going through spirals

    11. James and the Giant Peach with this soothing, minimalist cover:

    Cover with James standing on a giant peach staring into the sunset

    12. The Cynthia Blair books that all had foods in the titles:

    Six different Cynthia Blair books

    13. Flintstones Vitamins' infectious "We are Flintstones kids, 10 million strong and growing" jingle:

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    14. This exact Pyrex casserole dish that every '80s mom owned:

    A white casserole dish with blue daisies drawn on it

    15. And this Crock-Pot with flowers that every mom owned:

    A white crock-pot with watercolor flowers on it

    16. The Fisher-Price skates that were nearly impossible to skate in:

    Yellow, blue, and orange pre-school aged skates

    17. Toys "R" Us signs that looked like this:

    Back in 2002, I snapped this photo of an old Toys "R" Us sign in Anaheim, CA. The sign is a true thing of nostalgic beauty! #TBT #ToysRUs

    Twitter: @neatocoolville

    18. And the top of Toys "R" Us's shelves being stocked with even more toys (and also ENTIRE sections of the store being devoted to just one toy line):

    Workers stocking GI-Joe section of Toys "R" Us

    19. Those plastic smock and face mask Halloween costumes that would tear and fall apart before you were even done trick-or-treating:

    Three Shirt Tales Halloween costumes

    20. Fireball Island, which was the most excitingly designed board game ever:

    A 3D game board of an island with a mountain in the middle

    21. That one Garfield sitting down stuffed animal that every kid owned or at least wanted:

    22. Batman cereal, which tasted a lot like Cap'n Crunch:

    A screenshot of the Batman cereal box with a bowl of it, and a muffin

    23. Pricey 1-900 numbers that let you talk to your favorite cartoon characters (like He-Man and She-Ra):

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    Dino Drac's Retro Commercials!/

    24. The Disney Channel Magazine:

    Disney Channel magazine featuring photos from the 1984 Olympics

    25. The delightful What Do Smurfs Do All Day? book that was part of the Dr. Seuss series:

    Photo of What Do Smurf's Do All Day? book

    26. Smurf Chef Boyardee pasta, which, of course, tasted like regular Chef Boyardee:

    Screenshot of cartoon Chef, Poppa, and Smurfette in front of Chef Boyardee cans

    27. These McDonald's glasses that randomly appeared in your family's kitchen and were faded as heck:

    Six different glasses

    28. And the Mac Tonight Happy Meal toys that randomly appeared in your toy chest:

    Six different Mac Tonight toys of him driving different vehicles

    29. TV's Bloopers & Practical Jokes, which was hosted by Dick Clark and Ed McMahon:

    Screen shot of a cartoon elephant spraying a man with TV's Bloopers and Practical Jokes logo over it

    30. The Fisher-Price cash register...

    A yellow, brown, and orange toy register

    31. ...and the Fisher-Price record player, which you would play with at your grandma's house:

    1970s-era toy record player with five different discs

    32. Trapper Keepers, which were the ultimate folder you could own:

    Folder with balloons flying over a mountain side

    33. Nickelodeon's Mr. Wizard's World, which was an afternoon staple:

    Mr. Wizard holding piece of glass and point at a square on it with a little girl looking too

    34. The We Are the World cover that featured a group photo of all the celebs who sang on the title track:

    We Are The World cover

    35. The "Little Professor" calculator:

    Calculator with a cartoon old professor on it

    36. These weird flashes that you would need to put on the camera:

    Camera with portable tall flash on it

    37. Cinnamon Toast Crunch having three bakers instead of just the one on the right:

    Three cartoon bakers standing next to a human mom

    38. The traumatizing Webster episode where he accidentally burned down his family's apartment:

    Webster standing in burned down apartment with his parents looking shocked

    39. McGruff the Crime Dog PSAs:

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    40. Shrinky Dinks, which you always had to make sure you let cool down enough after taking them out of the oven, or else you could really burn yourself:

    Box of Popples Shrinky Dinks

    41. Morris the cat from the 9Lives cat food commercials:

    Morris the cat in front of a bowl with his name on it

    42. General Foods International Coffee, which you thought was the fanciest coffee ever:

    43. ABC's claymation "After These Messages" intros and outros:

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    44. Toy china tea sets that were made out of real porcelain:

    A 16-piece toy china set in box

    45. Snow and ski gloves that were always a blend of garish colors:

    Hot pink, purple, teal, yellow, and royal blue gloves

    46. Pencil sharpeners that looked like this:

    A Panasonic Auto-Stop Electric Pencil Sharpener

    47. And Mr. Coffee makers that looked like this:

    A white Mr Coffee maker with just one button

    48. Being able to get character-themed picture refills for your Lite-Brite:

    A Strawberry Shortcake Lite-Brite refill

    49. Large floppy disks that were actually floppy and that you could not touch the center hole of:

    Three floppy disks with one being held up

    50. Baskin-Robbins baseball helmet sundaes (which came with the tiny helmet bowl you could keep):

    A Sundae inside Dodgers helmet bowl

    51. The Back to the Future Part II futuristic sunglasses you could get at Pizza Hut:

    Screenshot of Four Solar Shades being sold at $1.99 each

    52. Scratch-and-sniff stickers that smelled gross on purpose and made you wonder why they thought any kid would want it:

    A sheet of Eggs-Cellent! egg smelling stickers

    53. Madballs, which seriously hurt if you got hit by one:

    A purple cyclops Madball

    54. The cube that Evie used to talk to her dad, Troy, on Out of This World:

    Evie and her mom holding cube

    55. And finally, the oh-so-magical intro to the Disney Sunday Movie:

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