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You're A True Millennial If You Recognize These 35 Foods

You can probably taste them by just looking at them.

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1. Cheesecake in bar form:

2. The perfect dinner choice:

3. A brownie that was truly out of this world:

4. Gummies…IN SHARK FORM:

Courtesy of General Mills


Courtesy of General Mills

6. Gum that tasted delicious for all of 10 seconds:

7. Doritos that basically made flat chips obsolete:

8. Cereal that turned milk into sweet, sweet nectar:

Courtesy of General Mills

9. Yogurt that tasted just like breakfast:

Courtesy of General Mills

10. These oh-so-sweet sugar waters that you’d gladly trade your sandwich for:

Courtesy of General Mills

11. A staple in your grandma's candy bowl:

12. A staple in your grandma's purse:

13. Thinking you’d transform into a piece of fruit each time you ate one:

Courtesy of General Mills

14. Being careful not to slice your tongue on the red spoon as you tried to get that last bit of cheese:

15. Being careful not to burn the top of your mouth when you took a bite:

16. A Mickey Mouse approved icy treat:

17. A Fred Flintstone approved icy treat:

18. These granola bars that were basically just candy bars:

19. Food you had to play with in order to eat:

20. Basically an ice cream float in a can:

21. Chocolate with a crispy peanut butter center:

22. Cookies with a creamy peanut butter center:

23. Tiny chunks of Rice Krispies Treats for breakfast:

24. A perfect and delicious combination of pizza and chips:

25. Fruit-flavored liquid nirvana:

26. Fruit that gave you a brain freeze:

27. Chocolatey cookies that always seemed to be stuck together:

28. Ice cream that had a hint of wood flavor to it:

29. Crunchy, cheesy goodness (that left you with yellow fingers):

30. Your mom's treats that you would secretly eat behind her back:

31. Chips that transformed you into a witch:

Courtesy of General Mills / Via

32. Literal chocolate chips:

33. Gum dust that got everywhere:

34. Glorious, glorious Dunk-A-Roos, that were the most perfect snack at any time of the day:

Courtesy of General Mills

35. And finally, the undisputed gold standard when it came to school lunches:

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