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    Just 39 Facts That Will Make You Feel Like You're 89 Years Old

    "I HATE THIS!" —You reading this

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    1. Cole Sprouse is now older than Jennifer Aniston was when she first appeared on Friends.

    Warner Bros. Television

    Jennifer was 25 when the show premiered in 1994, while Cole will be 26 on August 4th.

    2. Also, Courteney Cox is now older than Tom Selleck was when he first appeared as Dr. Burke on Friends.

    Warner Bros. Television

    Courteney is 54, while Tom was 51 when he first appeared on the show.

    3. And in case you didn't realize it, Friends has been part of the oldies block on Nick at Nite for seven years now.

    Warner Bros. Television

    BTW, seven years is almost as long as the entire run of the show (which ran for 10 seasons).

    4. If you're saying, "OK, BuzzFeed, whatever, still not feeling old," then keep in mind that Friends was already a huge hit show that had been on for a over year by the time Timothée Chalamet was born.

    Afp Contributor / AFP / Getty Images

    5. It's been 20 years since Brandy and Monica had the song of the summer with "The Boy Is Mine."


    6. It has also been two decades since Teen People first hit newsstands...

    People Inc.

    It also hasn't been published in 12 years.

    7. ...these albums dropped...

    Sony Music/ WMG/ UMG

    8. ...and Britney Spears first popped onto the pop scene with her iconic debut single, "...Baby One More Time."

    Sony Music

    She is also only five years from being eligible to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. And yes, they do induct pop stars; see Madonna.

    9. And if that isn't fucking with your brain enough, the four things above, that happened in 1998, happened the same year Shawn Mendes was born.


    10. If Freaks and Geeks debuted today and was set the same number of years in the past as it was during its debut, it'd take place in between 1998–99 — which is the actually the year it debuted!!!


    The series — which debuted in 1999 — took place 19 years earlier, in the 1980–81 school year.

    11. Today we're almost as far removed from Episode I – The Phantom Menace as we were from the original Star Wars in 1999.


    The Phantom Menace came out 19 years ago, while when the film was released in 1999, we were 22 years removed from Star Wars: A New Hope (which was released in 1977).

    12. While this is how you probably always picture Haley Joel Osment (in The Sixth Sense), he is actually 30 years old today!

    Hollywood Pictures

    13. You singing TLC's "No Scrubs"...

    Sony Music

    ...or Backstreet Boy's "I Want It That Way" today would be like someone in 1999 singing a song from 1980.

    Sony Music

    14. Speaking of boy bands, three out of the five members of PrettyMuch were born in 1999.🙃

    Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

    15. No Doubt and Smash Mouth are now both played on oldies stations.

    Our local oldies station, the one I still associate with 50’s doo wop, today played No Doubt and Smash Mouth. I’m so very old.

    16. Today we're further away from Ace of Base's first breakthrough single "All That She Wants," than we were in the 1993 from ABBA's breakthrough 1974 single "Waterloo."

    Arista Records, WMG

    ABBA had their first worldwide success in 1973-74, while Ace of Base had theirs 20 years later in 1993-94. (Also, I realize that GIF is from AoB’s “The Sign.“)

    17. And if that didn't make you say "WHAT?!" Then just think about how Harry Styles was born the same year (1994) that "The Sign" was a hit.

    Handout / Getty Images

    18. Macaulay Culkin is now older than Catherine O'Hara was when she played his mom in Home Alone — he is also now older than Daniel Stern was when he made the film.

    20th Century Fox

    Macaulay is 38, while Catherine was 36 and Daniel was 33 when they made the film.

    19. Jonathan Taylor Thomas (who, of course, voiced young Simba) is now older than Matthew Broderick was when he voiced adult Simba.

    Brenda Chase / Getty Images

    Broderick was 32 years old when The Lion King was released, while JTT is 36 years old today.

    20. JTT is also older now than Richard Karn (who played Al) was when Home Improvement premiered.

    Buena Vista Television

    Richard was 35 when the show premiered in 1991.

    21. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are older than Bob Saget was when Full House premiered.

    ABC Television

    Mary-Kate and Ashley are 32, while Bob was 31 when the show made its debut in 1987.

    22. Same goes for another TGIF classic: Jaleel White is now older than Reginald VelJohnson was when Family Matters first premiered.

    ABC Television

    Jaleel is 41, while Reginald was 37 when the show premiered in 1989.

    23. And if Bart Simpson aged like a real person he'd be 39, which would actually make him older than Homer, who is supposed to be 38.

    Fox Television

    Bart was 10 years old on The Simpsonsfirst episode in 1989.

    24. Now, if you're still saying, "BuzzFeed, you're trying, but you're still not making me feel as old as dirt," then just realize that both Zendaya and Tom Holland were born in 1996...

    Carlos Alvarez / Getty Images

    25. ...which is the same year Mariah Carey had a hit with "Always Be My Baby"...

    Sony Muisc

    26. ...Tamagotchis were first released...

    27. ...the "Macarena" was a huge sensation...


    28. ...and the Spice Girls first dropped their debut single "Wannabe."

    Sony Music

    So yeah, Zendaya and Tom were in diapers when you were practicing your Spice Girl choreo in front of your bedroom mirror.

    Now, if all that didn't make you sprout gray hairs as you read it, here are a few more facts that might just make you say "OMG":

    29. No kid in elementary school or even high school knows what a Squeezit is, they were discontinued in 2001.

    Betty Crocker

    30. You showing this alarm clock to someone today would be like (when this was released in 1995) someone showing you an alarm clock from 1972:

    Yup, it's been 23 years since this was first released.

    31. Saying something like "All that and a bag of chips," to a kid today would be the equivalent of your parents saying something like, "Catch you on the flip-side!" or some other '70s slang to you in the '90s.


    32. Jurassic Park came out a quarter century ago...


    33. ...which makes us, today, as far removed from it as we were to Planet of the Apes, in 1993.

    20th Century Fox

    YUP! Planet of the Apes (which was released in 1968) was a 25-year-old movie in 1993.

    34. Also turning 25 years old this year is the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers...

    SCG Distribution/Hasbro Studios

    35. ...which makes us, today, as far removed from it as we were to the premiere of Here's Lucy, in 1993.

    Warner Bros. Television Distribution

    Just let that sink in for a sec.

    36. Both Kel Mitchell and Kenan Thompson are in their forties.


    Kel turns 40 on August 25, for the record.

    37. Next year will mark the 20th anniversary of Cory and Topanga.

    ABC Television

    The episode that featured their wedding aired on Nov. 5, 1999.

    38. Also, 1999 was the last time you could go to Discovery Zone.

    Which means nobody entering college this fall ever got to experience DZ!!!!

    39. And finally, 1995 is further away from 2018 than 2018 is to 2040.

    Warner Bros. Television

    1995 was 23 years ago, while 2040 is only 22 years away.

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