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    Disneyland Celebrity Sightings Is The Best Celeb Instagram Account

    Celebs really are just like us, except they don't have to wait in line at Disneyland.

    So we all LOVE going to Disneyland...

    Chris.alcoran via Flickr Creative Commons / Via Flickr: alc_chris

    ...and nothing makes your trip better than getting a picture or selfie with your favorite Disney celebs, Mickey and Minnie. Well, unless it's one of your other favorite celebs as well.

    Loren Javier via Flickr Creative Commons / Via Flickr: lorenjavier

    Enter the Instagram account Disneyland Celebrity Sightings, which captures your favorite celebrities getting their Disney on.

    This account has photos of celebs such as Neil Patrick Harris, who appeared to be bringing some extra happiness to "The Happiest Place on Earth"...

    ...and Chris Martin, who couldn't help but be all smiles.

    Hilary Duff, who kept it cool while sporting some Minnie Mouse ears.

    Ariana Grande, who let her ponytail down (a bit).

    James Franco, who took an ~artsy~ backlit selfie.

    Josh Hutcherson, who finished off the Pirates of the Caribbean by taking a photo with a fan.

    Travis Barker, who was cool with taking a photo right after getting his churro (I wouldn't be).

    Pete Wentz, who took a photo with a fan right at the entrance to the park.

    Zachary Levi, who as the voice of Flynn Rider brought some extra Disney synergy with his visit.

    Even the Time Lord himself, David Tennant, travels to Disneyland.

    The account also reminds us that stars are just like us when they go to Disneyland, like Orlando Bloom, who was probably looking for the restroom...

    ...or Chris Evans, who knows you need to be as comfortable as possible to enjoy your day at the park...

    ...or Jake Gyllenhaal, who knows the best way to cool down on a hot day is to ride Grizzly River Run.

    ...or David Beckham, who knows you should just go for it and make a fun, goofy face for the photo on the ride.

    Of course, Kim Kardashian...

    ...and Britney Spears, like us, know the best way to spend the day at Disneyland is with loved ones.

    To check out more Disneyland Celebrity Sightings Instagrams click here.

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