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    29 Cringey Things From The Early '00s That Women Who Are Now Between The Ages Of 27 And 35 Used To Do

    If you ever called Love Spell your "signature scent," then this entire list is for you.

    1. Thinking you were oh so cool 'cause you purposely showed some whale tail at school:

    A stock photo of someone bending over exposing a black thong

    2. Or thinking you were oh so cool and chic 'cause you threw a dress over a pair of jeans:

    A photo a embroidered pink dress over a pair of light blue bootcut jeans

    3. Getting overly obsessed with American Idol and acting as if someone hurt your BFF when one of your faves was voted out:

    The American Idol top 10 finalist standing onstage

    4. Putting a hair scrunchie in your hair to give you a messy bun and thinking that it actually looked real:

    A dark brown fake hair scrunchie

    5. Taking a mirror flash selfie and thinking it was original and artistic:

    A photo of Myspace Tom taking a selfie with the flash going off

    6. Saying that Victoria Secret's Love Spell was your "signature day scent" even though 80% of the girls in your school also wore it:

    A product shot of a bottle Love Spell body spray from the early 2000s

    7. Putting on so much lip gloss that it looked like a drippy mess:

    Six tubes of Lancome Juicy Tubes

    8. And putting on so much mascara that you gave yourself tarantula lashes (intentionally):

    A shot of a Great Lash Maybelline mascara

    9. Getting chunky highlights that, um, weren't subtle:

    A photo of the top of a woman with chunky highlights head

    10. Slathering yourself in self-tanner so that you looked EXTRA tanned (aka orange AF):

    A bottle Jergens self-tanner

    11. Painting and decorating your room in garish colors:

    A screenshot of Beyonce showing off her colorful room on MTV Cribs

    12. Being dramatic on AIM so that your friends would give you attention:

    A screenshot of AIM open

    13. Exaggerating things that happened to you IRL on LiveJournal so that people who read it would think your life was more exciting than it was:

    A screenshot of the LiveJournal logo which features a blue pencil

    14. Wearing gaucho pants to very dressy events (these were basically the yoga pants of the early '00s):

    A product shot of black and grey gauchos

    15. Or rocking a pair of these when you wanted to wear something "dressy":

    Nine different mesh slippers

    16. Putting so many charms on your cellphone and having it get caught on everything in your bag:

    Seven different gummy bear key chains

    17. Wearing ponchos that were awkwardly sized and just looked like you were wearing a large bib:

    A pink Limited Too poncho

    18. Wearing laced-up jeans that, lbh, only looked good on Britney Spears:

    A pair of bootcut jeans with laces going up the entire legs all the way to the top

    19. Wearing jeans with no pockets on them that were always so low that you had to pull them up every time you sat down:

    A pair of low-rise jeans with no back pockets on it

    20. Wearing "body bling" by putting on a flashy crystal tattoo and feeling classy AF:

    Two different cases of crystal sticker tattoos

    21. And feeling so ~edgy~ because you wore Playboy Bunny jewelry:

    A photo of a silver Playboy Bunny necklace

    22. Creating a Sim that looked like your crush and making them be in a relationship with a Sim that looked like you:

    A screenshot of a a female Sim giving a male Sim a present

    23. Secretly getting something pierced and having it get infected:

    A photo of a woman in a tied up top and lowrise jeans exposing her pierced belly buttin

    24. Thinking you were too cool for school 'cause you had a double entendre state T-shirt that you got at Urban:

    A woman wearing a "Gettin' Lucky In Kentucky" T-shirt

    25. Thinking you were so hilarious 'cause you had an X-rated–sounding email address:

    26. Making dramatic mix CDs that you would give super-dramatic names, too:

    The back of blank CD case with a track-listing written down

    27. Telling everyone that your fake Takashi Murakami Louis Vuitton bag was a real one:

    A pic of a white Takashi Murakami Louis Vuitton purse

    28. Messing with your Top 8 on Myspace just to start drama:

    A Myspace Top 8 screenshot with the words "Today's kids will never know the drama MySpace Top 8 used to cause"

    29. And finally, wearing Uggs with short denim skirts, even though it was 100 degrees outside.

    A cropped photo of Nicole Richie wearing a short denim skirt and Uggs