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    17 Celebrity #TBT Photos That You Really Don't Want To Miss This Week

    Here are some of the photos that were shared with us for this week's #TBT.

    Celebrity #TBT Photos You Missed This Week

    1. In celebration of Halloween, Britney Spears shared one of her favorite costumes ever (she was the Devil, FTR):

    2. Dolly Parton posted this photo of herself holding a jack-o'-lantern in the '70s:

    3. Mariah Carey shared this photo of herself arriving at her Halloween party in 2004:

    4. Kate Moss remembered when she walked in a runway show in 1992 in this sophisticated and witchy-inspired outfit:

    5. Bryce Dallas Howard shared this photo of herself and her siblings carving pumpkins in the late '80s:

    6. In honor of the 22nd anniversary of her song "That's the Way It Is," Céline Dion posted this clip from the music video for it:

    7. Alfonso Herrera shared these photos of himself on a red carpet in 2011:

    8. Hugh Jackman posted this photo of himself buffing up to play Wolverine:

    9. Gwen Stefani shared some photos of herself from the late '90s:

    10. Garcelle Beauvais posted this photo of herself at the premiere of Out of Sight in 1998:

    11. Ian Somerhalder shared this mirror selfie he took of himself while in hair and makeup for The Vampire Diaries:

    12. Julia Louis-Dreyfus posted this oh-so-'80s photo of herself that was taken for GQ in 1985:

    13. Donatella Versace did a "how it started vs. how it’s going" in honor of Anna Wintour's 72nd birthday:

    14. Snoop Dogg shared his high school photo from 1989:

    15. John Stamos posted this photo of himself in the early '80s at a charity baseball game where the cast of General Hospital played against the cast of Happy Days:

    16. In honor of Kendall Jenner's 26th birthday, Kris Jenner shared several photos of the two of them together throughout the years:

    17. And finally, Josh Brolin posted this of himself in the '90s and spoke about his gratitude at being eight years sober: