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    27 Halloween Costumes That Are Just Too Extra

    Nothing is sacred. NOTHING.

    1. If you ever watched Bambi and thought, Wow this would make a really sexy costume...

    Also, Bambi looks a little too excited to be on that costume!

    2. ...or Dumbo — who looks embarrassed AF to be on that costume:

    3. What's this? What's this? A HUGE nope. Jack Skellington would never:

    4. AS IF! Cher from Clueless would never wear something that clearly came from the clearance bin of a Judy's going-out-of-business sale:

    Heck, that looks more like it came from a clearance bin at a Strawberry outlet.

    5. Um, yeah, this Jessie from Toy Story costume needs to be thrown in a box and left on the side of the road:

    ~ puts on when "Somebody Loved Me" and tries to erase this image of Jessie from my head ~

    6. Yeah, bet you didn’t even think that a “sexy” Taz could be a thing.

    7. I think this Powerpuff Girl-meets-Disney Princess costume is supposed to be Jane Jetson?

    8. Hmmmm...this doesn’t scream “Maleficent" as much as "Blanche Devereaux grabbing cheesecake in one of her nightgowns":

    And let's be real, Blanche would never wear something that tacky!

    9. Sexy Indiana Jones. Why did it have to be sexy?

    TBH, it's more shipwrecked explorer on the top and cavewoman on the bottom.

    10. This is a foul Mr. Grinch costume, or possibly Oscar the Grouch, it's hard to tell:

    11. This is great for anyone who has BOTH a Mickey Mouse and vinyl clothing fetish:

    But, really, how do you even get into that? Seems sticky and hot AF!

    12. Um...Mr. Peanut is not a hot mascot. Just saying:

    13. Noooo...I don't love this Lucy 😭:

    14. Nope. Nope. NOPE:

    SMH, Chucky is meant to be creepy!

    15. It looks like it would be hard to fight crime in this costume:

    16. Nope this isn't a The Fame-era Lady Gaga's a "sexy" Game Boy (I know, I know):

    17. By the look on Toto's face, he is not feeling this Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz costume.

    Also, that Toto looks like a stuffed rat.

    18. I don't think this Madeline is wearing an approved school uniform. 🤔

    19. Hell no! Why would anybody do this to Lydia from Beetlejuice?!

    Side-note: That model is giving me serious Victoria Beckham vibes, so maybe (hopefully) that's what they were really going for?

    20. On the plus-side: I guess you could wear this Wolverine costume as a bathing suit in the summer.

    21. You know what we really, really, really didn't need: a "sexy" Smee from Peter Pan costume:


    22. Oh come on, not SpongeBob! He is like, one of the most innocent and asexual characters ever!

    23. So...did somebody wish upon a star for this Jiminy Cricket costume?

    24. WTF?! Why a sexy Pebbles?! WHHHHYYYYY?!!!

    25. Ugh, someone please send this Chewbacca costume to a galaxy far, far away:

    Yup, that's Chewie and not some cavewoman costume.

    26. I guess if you want to go one step above Slave Girl Leia:

    27. And finally, for anyone who has a thing for Ronald McDonald, you'll be McLovin' this:

    😱 😱 😱

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