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27 Halloween Costumes That Are Just Too Extra

Nothing is sacred. NOTHING.

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1. If you ever watched Bambi and thought, Wow this would make a really sexy costume...

Also, Bambi looks a little too excited to be on that costume!

4. AS IF! Cher from Clueless would never wear something that clearly came from the clearance bin of a Judy's going-out-of-business sale:

Heck, that looks more like it came from a clearance bin at a Strawberry outlet.


5. Um, yeah, this Jessie from Toy Story costume needs to be thrown in a box and left on the side of the road:

~ puts on when "Somebody Loved Me" and tries to erase this image of Jessie from my head ~


19. Hell no! Why would anybody do this to Lydia from Beetlejuice?!

Side-note: That model is giving me serious Victoria Beckham vibes, so maybe (hopefully) that's what they were really going for?


21. You know what we really, really, really didn't need: a "sexy" Smee from Peter Pan costume:


23. So...did somebody wish upon a star for this Jiminy Cricket costume?