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    Attn Gen-Xers: The Peach Pit From "Beverly Hills, 90210" Pop-Up Is Extending Its Run In LA, And It's Making My '90s Dreams Come True

    Sadly, Nate is not working the grill!

    Alright, so as you probably already know, this week brought the return of the ICONIC (I know I use that word a lot, but it truly is) '90s teen soap Beverly Hills, 90210.

    Shane Harvey / ©Fox / Courtesy: Everett Collection

    And, yes, the return of the series was bittersweet without Luke Perry.

    And as part of the promotion leading up to the return of the show, a Peach Pit pop-up opened in L.A. for three days this past weekend...which sadly sold out.

    In case you don't know, the Peach Pit served as the hangout spot for the gang and the place where Brandon Walsh worked.

    Well good news for everyone (aka all the 90210-ers) who wanted to grab a Mega Burger and take an Insta-worthy pic in one of the booths, 'cause the Peach Pit pop-up is coming back, and this time with a longer run!

    Starting on August 16, the Peach Pit pop-up will reopen in L.A. (in its same location) for a six-week run! This is a ticketed restaurant experience, so you'll need to buy one in advance.

    Aaron Spelling Prods / ©Aaron Spelling Prods/Courtesy Everett Collection

    General admission tickets are $25 to sit in the inside dining area and $20 to sit in the outside patio. The price of admission does not include food.

    And in case you were wondering what the whole Peach Pit experience looks like, check out the video below:

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    The Peach Pit pop-up is running from August 16th through the end of September in L.A., and tickets are on sale now.

    Nick Agro / AFP / Getty Images

    See y'all there and don't forget to bring your "Donna Martin graduates!" signs.