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    American Girl's Newest Historical Dolls Are From 1999, And If You're A Millennial, I Am Sure You Just Did A Spit Take

    Your '90s childhood is now a historical time period. 😩

    If you grew up in the '80s, '90s, and '00s, then you probably remember what a huge deal American Girls dolls were — I mean, they were basically status symbols! Like, owning one or two or five (plus their accessories) was like owning a Bottega Veneta crossbody bag or Hermès Kelly bag today.

    But aside from them being status symbol toys, they also had a huge appeal because they were each designed to reflect a different historical time period, complete with backstories, books, and accessories that matched them.

    Well yesterday, American Girl introduced two new dolls to their historical collection: Isabel and Nicki, who hail from the olden historical year of...1999! read that right!!! These dolls, who are supposed to be from the '90s, are part of their historical collection.

    Now, this isn't the first time American Girl has set one of its historical dolls in what is probably considered a fairly recent time period. In 2020, they released their Courtney doll, who lived in the ancient times known as 1986. This actually also happens to be the same year the first American Girl dolls were released.

    Of course, like every American Girl doll, Isabel and Nicki come with their very own historical Y2K-accurate accessories, like this desktop computer — that comes complete with dial-up and what looks like AOL — and their own cordless landline phone (hmmm...seems like someone grew up rich).

    There's also an inflatable chair, along with a portable CD player and an oh-so-important radio alarm clock (which was a nightstand staple for any '90s kid).

    As well as Tamagotchi and an (kinda getting meta here) American Girl doll catalog.

    Well, it goes without saying that these historical dolls left people feeling old, both on Instagram and Twitter:

    If you were born in the 90’s you are now considered HISTORICAL! According to American Girl’s latest historical dolls who are TWINS from 1999

    American Girl / Via Twitter: @veryharryhill

    I'm "my childhood is an American Girl Doll" years old

    American Girl / Via Twitter: @cherthedev

    me when i see the new american girl dolls are for 1999

    Disney / Via Twitter: @annoyinglilgrl

    When the new “Historical” American Girl Dolls are from 1999

    HBO / Via Twitter: @LibraryLydia

    American Girl did later tweet that they didn't mean to hurt anyone's feelings by calling them old:

    Didn’t mean to hurt so many feelings today 😅

    American Girl / Via Twitter: @American_Girl

    But really, as far as American Girl dolls go, Isabel and Nicki are living the life, they're just out there listening to the new Britney Spears and Backstreet Boys CDs, shopping at the Limited Too, and probably starting drama on AIM. I am sure their biggest stress is trying to make it home in time from school to watch TRL. Honestly, take me back with you Isabel and Nicki, 'cause that was the era!!!