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15 Pictures That Sum Up Trying To Be An Adult

LBH, the whole adulting thing is a struggle.

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1. When you live out your childhood dream and realize it's not as glamorous as you thought:

2. When you see your small-town friends living it up, while you're living in a shoebox in a big city struggling to make ends meet:

Paramount / Via Twitter: @sweetsjdh

3. When you realize that you'll actually be able to go out on the weekend:

4. When you feel like for every one bill you pay, you get three back:

Paramount / Via Twitter: @StacTx

5. When you look at your Facebook newsfeed and all you see are your friends getting married, having babies, or getting promotions, and you're still trying to figure things out:

6. When you're debating whether to buy more underwear just to avoid doing laundry:

Warner Bros. / Via

7. When you have those moments when you ask yourself how early is too early to start drinking:

8. When you really want to be honest about what you want for Christmas:

Columbia Pictures / Via Twitter: @heyitskristay

9. When your holiday spirit is crushed ’cause you realize that your Christmas vacation is literally just Christmas Day:

DreamWorks / Via Twitter: @ajazzywriter

10. When all of a sudden this question crosses your mind:

11. When your family asks, again, if you're seeing anyone:

12. When you somehow think you have more money than you do:

Paramount / Via Twitter: @bettyflower1921

13. When you're literally there for the paycheck:

14. When you really TRY to be responsible, but laziness prevails:

15. And finally, when every day feels like this:

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