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    Adele Posted A Photo On Instagram And Everybody Thought She Was Going To Drop Her New Album

    Hello from the quarantine.

    It's been five years since Adele dropped her third album, 25.

    And last year, on her 31st birthday, she dropped the news that her next album would be called 30, and that it would be an upbeat album. But since then, she has been pretty mum about it, and hasn't announced a release date for it.

    Well, earlier today, Adele posted this cryptic photo of herself performing on Insta and captioned it only with the smile emoji:

    Of course it had everyone asking, "Is she about to drop 30?!"

    Well, Adele answered that question — after a fan asked it in her comments — with a nope, 'cause she is quarantining:

    She also reminded everyone to wear a mask!!!

    So there you have it: No new Adele until corona is over!!! So all you freaking people who don't wear masks NEED to start wearing one so we can stop the spread COVID-19 and finally get 30!!!