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Someone Edited Clips Of People Freaking Out About Face Masks Into A "Parks And Rec" Town Hall Meeting And It's Perfect

"This is a hoax. It's a fraud. There is nobody dying."

If you're a fan of Parks and Rec, then you probably remember all those iconic town hall scenes where the residents of Pawnee would get, uh, really worked up about petty stuff.

They'd yell at Leslie Knope and her friends about things like time capsules...

...corn syrup...

...and their own kids.

Well, as you've probably seen on the news, there have been lots of REAL town hall meetings happening recently, in which people have thrown massive tantrums about having to wear face masks in public — and spread lots of (incorrect) conspiracy theories about COVID-19 being a hoax.

So one Parks and Rec fan, actor and producer Law Sharma, found a way to express what we were all thinking — by editing these town hall attendees into a scene from the show. And the results are disturbingly accurate:

We’re officially living in a Parks and Rec episode. #WearAMask

"This is a planned-demic. This is totally political, and you know it!" a woman from a recent Palm Beach town hall yells, while Leslie Knope looks both confused and terrified.

Another woman rants on about how face masks are actually sexual fetish-wear, and that she is "not into sadomasochism and bondage." Meanwhile, Andy Dwyer tries to stifle his giggles.

"How disgusting, how shameful, how criminal, how corrupt! This is a hoax. It's a fraud. There is nobody dying," another woman screams, while Ben Wyatt whispers to Leslie to "stay strong."

And the video ends, quite fittingly, with Ron Swanson watching all of this madness on his computer, and then tossing it into a dumpster.

Since Law posted his Parks and Rec/face mask mashup yesterday, it's gone viral across social media. People think it's pretty freaking funny — and also terrifying.

"Well, as a diehard fan of Parks and Rec, it was hard to watch the footage of these passionate citizens and not immediately think of the town hall meetings in Pawnee," Law told BuzzFeed, when asked what inspired him to make the video.

"It was kind of painful to listen through these people complaining about having to wear a mask, but it was worth it in the end," Law added. "Mostly, I’m just happy people got a kick out of it and we’re able to laugh during a pretty dark time in our nation’s history."

You can watch the full Parks and Rec clip below. And for the love of everything, please wear a damn mask and stop getting your coronavirus news from memes on Facebook. Thanks!

We’re officially living in a Parks and Rec episode. #WearAMask