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Here Are 30 "Accidentally Vegan" Foods — How Many Have You Eaten And Did You Know They Were Vegan?

Surprisingly, Kettle's Maple Bacon Potato Chips have no pork byproducts in them!

When it comes to buying processed food, you really have to read the directions! You could be eating something thinking that it's vegan or vegetarian — like BBQ chips — only to find out that it contains chicken fat!!!


But there are some foods that just don't use any animal byproducts — and not because they're intentionally trying to make vegan products. Below is a list of accidentally vegan food products. How many have you eaten? And did you know that they were vegan?

  1. Check off all the foods you've eaten:

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And if you're curious, you can check out a bigger list of accidentally vegan foods over at PETA's website.