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    The "A Goofy Movie" Director Tweeted A Bunch Of Tidbits And Behind-The-Scenes Facts About The Movie, And They'll Make You Love It Even More

    A lot of Bobby's lines were improvised!

    In case you didn't know, this past Tuesday (April 7), A Goofy Movie celebrated its 25th anniversary.

    Buena Vista Pictures / © Buena Vista Pictures / Courtesy of Everett Collection

    And while at the time of its release the movie was not exactly a hit, the film has gone on to become a cult classic and one of the most beloved Disney films of the '90s.


    To celebrate the 25th anniversary of this now-classic film, Disney's D23 fan club held a virtual watch party last night.

    Grab your family, your canned cheese, and your dancing shoes—it’s time for our watch party of #AGoofyMovie on #DisneyPlus: #D23GoofyMovie #DisneyMagicMoments

    And one of those participating in the virtual live watch was the film's director, Kevin Lima, who also live-tweeted during the watch. In his tweets he revealed little Easter eggs and behind-the-scenes facts about A Goofy Movie.

    Very excited to share some facts, reveal some Easter eggs and answer your questions (as much as I can remember anyway) about A GOOFY MOVIE - Here we go...

    Below are some of my favorite tidbits I learned about A Goofy Movie.

    1. They wrote three different songs before finally landing on "After Today" as the opening number:

    Jack Feldman (NEWSIES) and Tom Snow (FOOTLOOSE) wrote at least three different opening songs in order to get to “After Today.” I was pretty demanding that the opening not only melodically pop, but the lyrics deliver a lot of plot information. #D23GoofyMovie

    2. Originally, Chad was supposed to have a bigger role and would also be fighting for Roxanne's affection:

    In an early version of the story, Max had an opponent for Roxanne’s affection – CHAD. All that’s left of him is a few single scenes. He was voiced by Joey Lawrence. #D23GoofyMovie

    3. Pauly Shore (who voiced Bobby) improvised a lot of the dialogue:

    When we came up with the idea of Pauly Shore playing Bobby, the character sprang to life fully formed. Pauly would improvise through his voice sessions and much of it made its way into the film. #D23GoofyMovie

    4. Also, Pauly isn't credited in the movie 'cause he asked not to be:

    @VickiMarziale If I remember correctly, it was his ask.

    5. Goofy was supposed to have a nightmare about Pete set to a song:

    In an early version of the story reels, Goofy had a Pete induced nightmare told in a song called Born to Be Bad. #D23GoofyMovie

    6. In an earlier version of the movie, Goofy and Max were supposed to stop at a Goof family reunion:

    As you can see on this map, there are many generations of Goofs. In an early version of the storyreels, Max and Goofy stopped at a Goof reunion. #D23GoofyMovie

    7. Bruce W. Smith, who went on to create The Proud Family, was a character designer on the film:

    Some more early character designs of Roxanne by Bruce Smith, the creator of The Proud Family. #D23GoofyMovie

    8. Kevin was the one who voiced Roxanne's dad's growl:

    I play many onscreen and offscreen roles in A GOOFY MOVIE – in this scene, I growl for Roxanne’s Dad. #D23GoofyMovie

    9. The producers made sure the voice actors recorded together as much as possible:

    We went out of our way to make sure that the voice cast got to record together. Here’s me with Kelly Martin, the voice of Roxanne and Jason Marsden, the voice of Max after one such session. #D23GoofyMovie

    10. These two characters, Treeny and Wendell, were supposed to appear throughout the movie:

    This couple, Treeny and Wendell were in an early version of the film peppered throughout. They were unfortunately cut, but you’ll see them again at the Powerline concert. #D23GoofyMovie

    11. In fact, Treeny did appear once more as a backup singer for Powerline:

    Yes, Powerline’s wailing back-up singer is none other than Treeny! #D23GoofyMovie

    12. Powerline wasn't just based on Bobby Brown; he was also a combination of Prince and Michael Jackson:

    POWERLINE! It’s often been rumored that Powerline is Bobby Brown. Honestly, he was conceived as a combination of Prince, Michael Jackson and yes, Bobby Brown. #D23GoofyMovie

    13. The film was partially made in Paris:

    After completing preproduction in Burbank, CA, some of us packed up and moved to Paris for a year as the film made its way through production. This photo is from that time - me, Catherine Rascon (assistant editor) and Greg Perler, the film’s editor. #D23GoofyMovie

    14. Unlike most Disney animated movies, there actually wasn't a lot of merchandise made for the film:

    There was very little merchandise made for the film’s release. Here’s some of it… #D23GoofyMovie

    15. The movie didn't become a hit until it was released on home video:

    A GOOFY MOVIE really took off when it was released on VHS tape on September 6, 1995 and the audience for the film has grown and grown, generation after generation over the years. #D23GoofyMovie

    16. According to Kevin, directing the movie may have been a way for him to work through some of the issues he had coming from a divorced household:

    @rawblink I come from a split family also. I think directing A GOOFY MOVIE was a way for me to work through some of my issues.

    Kevin ended his live tweets with a sweet message thanking all the fans for supporting the movie over the years:

    I constantly run into people who express their thanks and admiration for the film. It is honestly overwhelming and humbling. You are all responsible for making this film a Disney favorite. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. #D23GoofyMovie

    You can read more behind-the-scenes facts about the movie over on Kevin's Twitter. And I am sure it'll make you want to rewatch the movie tonight.