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    101 Things Literally Every Millennial Experienced As A Kid That Are Just Now Wonderfully Nostalgic

    If you recognize these, sorry, you're old now.

    Get ready to be violently thrown back into the past with these. Seriously, you've been warned...

    1. When having your VCR tear your favorite VHS tape was the worst thing that could happen to you:

    vhs tape

    2. When birthday parties were about going to Chuck E. Cheese's and not about dinners at fancy restaurants and splitting checks:

    Exterior of a Chuck E. Cheese

    3. And when having a stack of these made you feel ~rich~:

    Chuck E. Cheese tickets from 1993

    4. These lava lamps that you thought looked both retro and futuristic:

    lava lamps

    5. The Pure Disco CD, which EVERYONE owned (but mainly for "The Grease Megamix"):

    Pure Disco cover with names of the different artists featured

    6. Eddie Bauer being a super cool brand, even though the inside of the stores looked like your grandad's house:

    women looking at a sweater

    7. Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist, which for some reason seemed to always be playing on Comedy Central all day:

    cartoon character

    8. And when you entertained yourself with one of these for hours while on a car trip or just out running errands with your parents:

    Pink Polly Pocket case with two Polly dolls standing in front of it

    9. When this was the best and coolest souvenir you could get on vacation:

    Black Hard Rock Cafe New Orleans T-Shirt

    10. When the Rainforest Cafe was the most magical place you could eat at:

    Gorilla in the jungle

    11. Real California Cheese commercials (that featured this logo):


    12. When Beanie Babies were your 401(k):

    Beanie Babies on a shelf

    13. And Pokémon cards were valuable currency:

    A bunch of Pokemon cards on a table

    14. When sitting right in front of the TV felt like a rebel move:

    Two kids sitting close to a TV set

    15. When fighting with your siblings over "internet time" (when using the family computer) were some of your only real sources of frustration in your life:

    16. When this was the most expensive thing you carried around:

    cassette walkman and heaphones

    17. When walking aimlessly through the aisle of a Toys "R" Us just felt magical:

    Photo of a little boy looking at toys inside a Toys "R" Us

    18. When nothing was more refreshing than drinking out of the hose in your backyard on a hot day:

    garden hose

    19. When watching the Pure Moods commercial instantly transported you and made you feel calm:

    Oceans crashing into rocks screenshot

    20. And when Jock Jams was the go-to birthday party album:

    Girls jumping against a orange back drop

    21. When you looked forward to going to weddings 'cause you knew you'd be dancing the "Macarena":

    22. When using your Hercules plates made you feel like you were eating off fine china:

    Six Hercules plates on a wooden table

    23. When you'd feel so gourmet 'cause you made the Country Time Lemonade:

    Screen shot of Country Time Lemonade container next to a lemonade pitcher

    24. When eating a Lunchable felt like a flex:

    Photo of a kid drinking a Kool-Aid while eating a Lunchable

    25. When the most stressful part about Valentine's Day was only about the number of cards you'd get from your classmates:

    26. The satisfying feeling you'd get whenever your entire family agreed on a movie to rent:

    A family picking out a movie at the video store

    27. This carpet that's a visceral memory:

    28. The rush of having every movie at your fingertips:

    29. This being your most coveted possession:

    30. The OG daytime TV shows:

    31. Long movies that needed an intermission:

    Lol from 90s

    32. When computers were this:

    33. The RAINBOW TENT:

    34. These being the best part of your day:

    35. Watching this:

    36. These old school candies:

    37. The way this clicked when you changed the picture:

    38. The peak of fashion:

    39. Feeding your fake baby this delectable treat:

    40. Wanting to order these so badly:

    41. Playing with these:

    42. LITE BRITE:

    43. The excruciating pain:

    44. Everyone's parents had one of these:

    45. The excitement when you knew it was about to go down:

    46. This bold color choice:

    47. You couldn't draw with these but they were awesome:

    48. This color combo:

    49. This extreme sport:

    50. This little pooch:

    51. One of the weirdest books...ever:

    52. The literal best movie ever made:

    53. Topanga and Corey were totally your ultimate couple goals:

    two people hugging

    54. These guys were your ultimate squad goals — hell, they probably still are:

    the rugratz cartoon

    55. ~Fruit~ in string form:

    fruit string thing candy

    56. This oh-so-sweet sugar water was something that you would have gladly traded your sandwich for:

    color changing squeeze it

    57. This was so gourmet that even Ina Garten would've been jealous of your lunch:


    58. How this gum gave you the best ~five~ seconds of flavor:

    fruit stripe gum

    59. How each spoonful of vanilla ice cream also came with a hint of wood flavor:

    small cup of ice cream with a wooden stick for a spoon

    60. How much anxiety you got any time you played this game:

    finger going into a plastic alligator mouth

    61. That this lineup was a reason to rush home from school:

    Disney cartoon characters

    62. This lineup was a reason to look forward to Fridays:

    tv catalogue

    63. How this literary classic taught you the importance of being yourself:

    The Rainbow Fish book

    64. There was no cooler person than JTT:

    Picture of Jonathan Taylor Thomas

    65. How much this game brought out your inner artist:


    66. The deep down frustration you felt 'cause you couldn't figure what out Home Improvement's Wilson looked like: