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Sorry, 2000s Kids, You're Only Passing This Quiz If You Lived Through The '90s

"This was pretty easy!" —'90s kids taking this quiz

  1. Dunkaroos had what type of animal as its mascot?!_(3626901761).jpg
  2. What is the name of this toy?
  3. What TV show's intro started with this shot of the Chicago skyline?

  4. Dave Thomas was the founder and spokesperson for what fast-food chain?

    Rob's Classic Commercials and Retro Stuff /
  5. This is a scene from what Spice Girls music video?

    Spice Girls / Sony /
  6. What color were Nickelodeon VHS tapes?
  7. What movie is this?

    Columbia Pictures / Courtesy Everett Collection
  8. This "bus driver" appeared in a commercial for what?

    vhsveronica /
  9. What were these containers used for?
  10. What movie is this?

    Paramount / Everett Collection
  11. These Hercules plates were a promotional tie-in with which fast-food chain?
  12. This is a scene from what Janet Jackson music video?

  13. What was the name of this drink?
  14. What album is this?

    Tommy Boy Records
  15. Randall was a character on what cartoon?

  16. This is a scene from what Madonna music video?

  17. What toy is this?
  18. And lastly, finish this line: "You're ___ ___ ___!"

    20th Century Fox

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