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9 Disgusting Shrek Food Tie-Ins

In the early 2000s, was there nothing that Dreamworks didn't try to put that green ogre's face on?

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1. These Kudos bars look like they have been topped with lima beans and Shrek's boogers.

2. OK, "Swamp Apple" sounds like something you get on your junk from being in damp conditions for too long.

3. UGH, more Shrek boogers.

4. Yeah, "Green Swamp Syrup" does not sound appetizing.

5. What in the hell is in the middle of that Kid Cuisine?

It looks like baby spit up.

It looks like baby spit up.

6. This is just rotting cauliflower. Right?

7. Toaster strudels topped with Shrek jizz.

8. Shrek's face (or the mice, for that matter) make's these Go-Gurt's look so unappetizing. Also, has the yogurt inside always looked like pink slime?!

9. Let's be honest, Twinkies have always been gross, but they're made even worse when they look like they have mold growing in the middle.

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